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    Hi all,

    I have a workbook with two sheets Data EnteringPage-plan & Data EnteringPage-Actual,

    Same set of data’s are filled in Columns ABCD in both sheets,

    I need to fill ‘Data EnteringPage-Actual sheet’ with same set of data ( From Col.A-D) when the user enters Data in ‘Data EnteringPage-plan’ .

    I have tried grouping of sheets but I don’t know whether grouping can be applied to portion of a sheet?

    I have tried copying the whole area of Col. A-D to the other sheet with pasting the link but that seem to be very in efficient and increases the file size tremendously. There may be a better way to do this.

    Any ideas? I have attched my work book.


    In the attached work book I have 2 sheets named, Data Entering page-plan and Varaince Summary-in hours.

    Data Entering page-plan - is used to enter data
    Varaince Summary-in hours. – is used to retrieve data

    In ‘Varaince Summary-in hours. ‘ sheet in Cell A6 I have a drop down to select the job nos , according to the job no selected date, position no, and milling hours are filtered and displayed.

    I have written a index/match formula in G6 and have dragged it downwards since I don’t know how many positions would be fetched in each job no selected.

    Is there any way not to display N/A in unused cells in Column G each time a job no is selected ?( embedding the function in a IF using ISNA or ISERROR would be inefficient as I feel since this sheet is going to house lot of data of about 30 sections, I have shown only one section here)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    In the attached Exel work book I have a Column with entered datas up to row 15 in column B, also in column b, from row 15 downwards I have FALSE(result of a vlookup, returns false since the other relevant data is not entered)
    I don’t know how to write the formula to get the dynamic range defined until FALSE appears.(highlighted range)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..