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    I want to insert a simple formula into a spreadsheet except the rows and columns are all in numbers.

    This is what I have:

    Sub display()
          For k = 5 to 35
              Range(Column(k) & "6") = k
          Next  k
     End Sub
     Function Column(Byval I As Integer)
          'convert number into column?
             Column Alpha
     End Function

    I would like to add a list of all my Contacts placed in an email:

    I just got Excel 2013. I cannot figure out how to get my ActiveX buttons to work. I went to File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings... and enabled all the Macros and ActiveX selections like in Office 2010 but still cannot use the buttons. What am I missing?

    My Excel buttons will not click. There is a Yellow bar at the to stating:


    Protected View - Editing this file type is not recommended due to your File Block settings in the Trust Center. Click for more.

    with an "Enable Editing" Button.

    When I click the Enable button .xls files work but .xlsm files do not.

    How do I get rid of this whole "Protected View" so I do not have a Yellow Bar on every worksheet?

    I am trying to change a string to a double so I can do math on it later.

    CDbl does not seem to work.

    Error Code
    "Type Mismatch"

    Dim Eph as String, deg As Double
    deg = CDbl(Left(Eph, 2))

    In this Excel VBA program working in Word.Application I am having trouble with ".Font.TextColor = Red".

    I think it should be ".Font.TextColor.RGB = something.

    If someone could give me an example it would be much appreciated.

    Also how do you center the FullName?

    Re: Minimum of an array

    I really do not know why this does not function.

    RAsort(i, h) goes between 0 and 24
    DECsort(i, h) goes between -90 and 90

    The RAmax and DECmax work fine.
    The RAmin and DECmin do not work correctly.
    I have ran the numbers thru and the ">" less than sign is not functioning properly.

    Here is my actual code:

    I am trying to find the min and max of array RAsort

    The max works fine.

    The min prints out 1000 thru the whole thing.

    RAsort(i, h) ranges from 1 to 500.

    How do I find the minimum of an array?

    Re: Split the string into individual words

    I can not get this to work:

    Sub Splitup()
        Dim data As String
        data = Sheets(1).Cells(20, 1).Text
        For Each it In Split(data)
            n = n + 1
            Sheets(1).Cells(20, n + 1) = it
    End Sub

    Error code when Debugging on "Split":

    "Wrong Number of arguments or invalid property assignment"

    I have a string with many spaces in it.

    How do I split the string into individual words?


    Dim patname As String = "Public John Q"
    Dim parts As String() = patname.Split(New Char() {" "C})
    Dim firstname As String = patname(0)
    Dim lastname As String = patname(1)

    How is it done in Excel?