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    On what basis are you deciding which 0.00 has ended up where in the sorted list? For example is:

    Rate Amount
    0.00 0
    0.00 49250
    0.00 0
    0.00 49550
    0.12 49250

    any less correct than the end game in your example? Or, are there more decimal places just hidden?

    If the 'Amount' is unique to a 'Rate' value you could try using:

    =INDEX([origional 'Amount' range],MATCH([new corresponding 'Rate' value],[origional rate range],0),1)

    Any suggestions as to how I might do this?

    Basically I am dynamically generating a number of controls on a form at run time and want each of them to handle to the mouse move event. I cannot find a way to do this, other than by creating them all in design mode and adding code to the MouseMove event. I cannot use this method though as the number of controls is determined by the user at run time.

    Any thought greatly appreciated