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    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    I'm a little confused on the above code. Would it be easier to do this: forget about arrays, search for my values in my (software-generated) excel in sheet1, fill one row after another in sheet 2 of all the values I find, then make a chart from sheet 2 (since now i know the specific range) ? Sorry I'm not very good with this...

    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    I am using a software that generates excels for tests that I run. And there are 300 data lines for each file (spaced 3 lines apart). I would simplify it if I could but this is the main problem. I would be surprised if there is no way to chart this data..
    Thanks again Andy.

    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    That's what I would like to do, is by using the cells. Adding from the cells directly to the xvalues and yvalues of the chart but I'm not sure how to.
    I know how to do it by specifying a range but since my data isn't one line after another, they are spaced 3 lines apart, that is giving me the trouble.

    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    Hi Andy,
    Yes it works.. but up to 64 points only, 1 to 64. Anything 65+ gives run-time error '1004'
    application-defined or object-defined error.
    Do you know of a way to add to x and yvalues like a queue, while I loop through my spreadsheet? Instead of creating an array, this was what I tried to do originally, but was having difficulty with...

    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    Yes, all elements in x and y are populated. vntArrayX and vntArrayY arrays contain the values that I want. For this graph it will be 124 elements in x and y for the series. I must make another function that creates another graph for 299 elements in the series. Is there a limit ?

    If asking the chart to store whatever is in my arrays won't work, could I add my values directly to the xvalues/yvalues in my loop?

    xvalues.add(blah blah)
    yvalues.add(blah blah)


    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    Thank you for your response Andy. I wasn't able to get back to this assignment til now. I used your example and now I have

    I'm getting an error at xvalues: "Unable to set the XValues property of the Series class"
    What's strange is that my array appears to be correct. I did a msgbox on x and y values and they are storing the values I want. However the chart won't store them.

    as always, any help is much appreciated.

    Re: Creating Chart And Pasting Into Word

    This is what I have currently. I want to add numbers 128 to 251 as xvalues in the chart and add the numbers that I find in the excel as the yvalues in the chart. The values for yvalues are actually spaced 3 rows apart.

    I've also tried to create an array from 128 to 251 and store the data in those indices. Is there a way to set xvalues as the indices and yvalues as the value stored in the array?
    From what I have searched so far, I've only seen something like .xvalues = "Sheet1!R1C1:R31C1"

    for example:
    array850(128) = 10
    array850(129) = 14
    array850(130) = 13
    xvalues = 128, 129, 130...
    yvalues = 10, 14, 13...


    I have an excel sheet and I'm searching for a keyword. From that keyword, I can find the data nearby and creating a line chart. How can I paste it into MSWORD?
    any help is much appreciated.

    so far I have:

    Hi i have a list of variables with the suffix number incrementing
    type3 ... etc to 100

    and i want to run a function for each type instead of having repetitive code for each of them
    how can I concatenate the integer i with the string "type" and have it as a variable name? Thanks