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    I have a excell file that has a sheet that accepts user generated information and a reference sheet that grinds out the formulas based on what they put.

    So here is the question

    on the reference sheet, I have 3 columns, the first has whatever they chose from the dropdown list. The second has if statements which give a value for the first column and a 0 value for every thing else (for the purpose of adding up all the values in the second column and displaying the value of what they chose in the dropdown list. The third does the same thing as the second except that it changes the number back into a different value (for the point of comparison) and gives a 0 value for the rest.

    I need to "add" up all the strings in the third column (which only has 1 string and the rest are 0) to get a single cell which I can link to from the first sheet

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    I have a dropdown list with 16 possible things to chose from the list. I want to give a separate cell a value based on which thing the user choses from the list. I thought about using a Nested If function, but it only works with 7 or less.

    I need something like this

    If they chose "I am rich" from the dropdown list make the cell entitled net value= $300,000