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    Hi All,

    I am trying to Save the workbook without the alert.

    My macro is below

    this is my code and i have few codes in the Workbook_BeforeSave to make some changes.

    Now after this i get a message "Do you want to save the Workbook."

    Is there a way i can get rid of this message and save the workbook automatically.


    Re: Get Text From Listbox To Textbox

    Thank for the Quick Response.

    But When I Place a List Box on the Sheet - I am not able to get the Reffernce to the Same in the Macro.

    It give me a run Time error - 438 "Object doesnt support this property or method.

    Just to Reiterate - I have placed a List box on Sheet1. - Should I Name the List box as i am not getting an option to do that?

    I am Facing one problem that is i am not able to place a textbox on the sheet as that property is disabled.

    Please help.


    Is th[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]I am Sorry guys I worked arround it and found the Answer - Thanks a Lot.

    Hi All,

    I have a Set of Strings in Sheet 1 - which i pull in to a List Box on Sheet 2.

    Now i have a Text Box in the same Sheet - I would like to have a macro for Text Box where when as and when i type in the Textbox i need only relevant strings to be in the Listbox.

    Ex: I i have INDIA,AUSTRALIA, AFRICA, USA, INDONASIA in my listbox - as i type a letter in the text box for example "I" i need only INDIA & INDONASIA to be in the list box and as i continue typing "INDO" i should be left out with only INDONASIA.

    Please help on this.


    Hi All

    I am creating a Macro where i extract strings from the sheet to an array.
    Now i want this array of strings to be Concatenate to one String Variable but in different lines

    For ifor = 1 To 10
        If sAssistantManagers(ifor) <> "" Then
            mAssistantManagers = mAssistantManagers & vbNewLine & sAssistantManagers(ifor)
        End If

    So if i have 3 strings in array 1 to 3 - Example "A" , "B' , "C"

    I want the string mAssistantManagers to Have

    This macro is a module which i use in another macro to send mail so this variable becomes the body of the email.

    .to - XYZ
    .body = mAssistantManager

    I tried using vbNewline & vbCrlf but the output is ABC and not what i want.

    Could some one help me on this please


    I am trying to create a macro for my sheet
    1 - which uses rows to check a condiction

    for ifor = 1 to 100
    if sheet1.range("A" & ifor)<>0 then
       sheet1.range("B" & ifor)=sheet1.range("A" & ifor)

    but i am not able to do the same with colomuns
    if my excel sheet has only few columns then i can write

    for ifor = 65 to 90
    if sheet1.range(chr(ifor) & 1)<>0 then
       sheet1.range(chr(ifor) & 2)=sheet1.range(chr(ifor) & 2)

    this works perfect till Z column but i want to do the same to all the 256 colomns. Can any one help me.