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    You need to replace all the Target references with the cell of interest:

    This sort of thing is better in a database. With Access, you could use userforms in Excel to edit/update the data or simply distribute an Access front-end to everyone. With SQL server you can do the same or you can use something like Power Apps to create an app for the data work.

    You can also do it with a workbook as the data source but it doesn't handle concurrent users quite as well - though with ADO you can mitigate that to some extent with batch updating and disconnected recordsets.

    You haven't indicated what you are actually doing with the arrays you create (your posted code is pointless), which makes it difficult to be sure what the best option is, but generally you would transpose the ca and da arrays while working with them - for example:

    ReDim Preserve ca(4, c)
        ca(1, c) = Abs(a(i, 4))
        ca(2, c) = a(i, 2)
        ca(3, c) = a(i, 1)
        ca(4, c) = a(i, 9)

    As Carim demonstrated, you just need to link the spinner to one of the cells and use a formula in the other cell (eg B2 =150-A1).

    This should fix your text data issue: