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    Re: Developing A Formula

    Here is simple User Defined Formula:

    To use it:

    1. Open up a new workbook.
    2. Get into VBA (Press Alt+F11)
    3. Insert a new module (Insert > Module)
    4. Copy and Paste the Excel user defined function examples -
    5. Get out of VBA (Press Alt+Q)
    6. Use the functions (They will appear in the Paste Function dialog box, Shift+F3, under the "User Defined" category)

    If you need any help just ask :)

    I've attached the file witch few validation lists to prevent errors.

    Re: Copy Non Blank Cells & Paste As Values To Another Range

    To avoid empty rows to be copied you need to sort (descending order) range which needs to be copied up. Added coding in Module 8.

    I put some of your code form sheet PS-9 in comments as it was making this problem with 0:01 time values.

    You can now remove some of your modules which won't be used.

    See attachement for details.

    Re: Special Paste Between 2 Ranges Or Skip Hidden Rows

    Hi try this code:

    insert into new module and attach to the command button.

    You can add extra code to delete copied cells if you like.

    I hope this will help.

    Re: Special Paste Between 2 Ranges Or Skip Hidden Rows


    Before we start can you answer following questions:

    1. Can Range B120:K239 be sorted in asc/desc order first or it needs to go as it is now?
    2. Are you realy want to copy/paste content of columns F to K as you have got validation list in destination cells? (This will create circullar references)

    Re: Exel/vba Jobs

    I'm not saying I'm going to do anything on my own (just not got use to). I'm rather thinking about learning as much as I can now to build-up good workshop and confidence. Then will try to change a job for somethng closer to programming.

    Re: Transpose Every Other Row To Column

    Use below code should work regardless number of rows you have unless there is nothing else what you stated.

    Re: Exel/vba Jobs

    Apart from what I stated before (Msc in e-business which included databases, data management systems, bit of programing in VB and C#, web sites and of course projecting) I'v done my BBA in Management and Marketing and finished Economical College (spec. Banking).

    Most of my jobs were not connected to what I'd been learning in my past with small exemptions (bank trainee 1 yr. - couldn't stay up; warehouseman @ PC commponents wholesaller 3.5 yr. - nice konwledege about what inside of pc, helped me a lot to pay for studies; book keeping for about 3 yrs. - just for fammily; outdoor representative 6mths - negotiating with big guys on sport events, seasonal job; 6mths postman :) - studies again; warehouse 1 yr; warehouse 1yr.; stock controller 1yr. It might look funny but I learnt a lot about how businesses are run while working at warehouses - every time different type of company (fashion, computer parts, multimedia) and different type of database system.

    Finaly I can do at work whatever I want - having plenty time to practice Excel and VBA.
    It is like refreshing already gained knowledge plus exploring fields I' ve never knew they exist.
    More I learn I feel like being at the bottom of the mountain I'd like to challenge.

    For some reasons I found it hard to learn at home (little baby playing around, wife want something, need of relax, etc.), but at work I can sit and fight with macros for hours without having a brake.