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    Re: Incorrect format in formula

    Yes, that was it, it works great. Thanks you so much!

    Funny, the space before "step" isn't in my code. Strange.

    This forum is the best I have found, I have found 95% of my answers here. Thank you all!


    Re: Incorrect format in formula

    Thanks for your reply. I am new at this.

    I am using 'ws' to find a valid sheet; this works.
    Per valid sheet, I want to get the count of values in a column A and store the int in a variable using the excel function "=COUNTA(". I then want to do the same for column H. I then compair and if not 0, I then execute a function.

    I do not want to put a formula into a cell, if I am doing so then that is a mistake on my part.


    In the code below, the variables Steps1, Tested1, Steps2, Tested2, are 0 even though there is data. Thanks for your help.