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    Re: Zoom Level Affects Shapes Positioning

    ah, i didn't realise that the problem lie may lie in drawing objects being on a different layer of the sheet than the cells. So as Dave says, zoom doesn't affect offset value per se, but the position of shapes layers relative to cell layers.

    yes only performing function on 50% or 100% is possible. but if anyone happens to discover a formula that can compensate for the 'zoom effect' on shape position, please share.

    I have been having a problem getting consistent square shapes positioned with an activecell.offset based VBA function. I've noticed that, for example, my script below is affected by the zoom level on the worksheet which is a real pain. at 50% magnification, everything was perfect. But when i changed to like 80% view, the position of the squares was way out. Is it normal for worksheet zoom and column/row sizing differences to affect the activecell offset values?

    can smartart graphics be created and populated with text dynamically through scripts? any online resources/tutorial about how to do this?

    i am experimenting with using excel as a way to analyse text document and having a graphical representation dynamically generated through scripts would be of great help.

    Re: Concatenate Text From Multiple Cells Into TextBox

    Update: this code does work. just had to do a tweak and also have the textbox created after the code to combine the cell strings.

    [hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]thanks kenneth and dave for tips! all is sorted now. now for a different thread[hr]*[/hr][hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]quick followup.

    is there a .fontsize attribute i can add to change the fontsize of the created textbox?

    Re: Concatenate Text From Multiple Cells Into TextBox

    yes, i selected a few random cells, pressed the macro button linked to that script, and this is
    what happens:

    first, error 438. object doesn't support that method error. message. close that popup and...
    second, then the textbox is created at the offset location specified in the code (ie textbox starting at bottom right of last selected active cell.

    Dave's code works if a textbox was already on the worksheet, but not with this code that creates a textbox.

    Re: Concatenate Text From Multiple Cells Into TextBox

    So where am i going wrong?

    Re: Concatenate Text From Multiple Cells Into TextBox

    hi thanks for initial thoughts.


    1. Do you want the textbox on the worksheet or in a userform? - Textbox
    2. Is the textbox created each time a series of cells are to be concatenated or is there a permanent textbox cleared each time? - Each time, no permanent box. The idea is for it to be like a window you only get when you want to see text put together in different ways.
    3. How will the textbox be cleared or deleted and rebuild when needed? Open to suggestions. Probably another macro button to close this 'window', or maybe an event like doubleclicking.
    4. Are the cell strings to be separate lines in the textbox or concatenated and word wrapped? Lets start easy, just separate lines and we'll see how that goes.


    1. Does your code assume a permanent textbox1 is already created?[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]Dave,

    I get an error message:

    "invalid use of me keyword'