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    Re: Clear Cell When Another Is False

    Thank you very much again. That is exactly what I needed.

    [hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]Using your second example,iIs there a way to clear cell K17 w/o using a macro?

    The only problem I am running into now is that when I switch to the workbook, and the macro runs, the cell that the macro clears is selected. I'd like to clear the cell but w/o the cell actually being selected (if possible).

    Hey, first time poster here for you guys. I am pretty good w/ Excel, except for the VBA aspects of it. But this should be an easy one for you guys...

    I want to clear the value of a cell based on if a different cell is false. The cell to be cleared is a Validation List, but I want the default to be blank based upon the value of a seperate cell (located in another worksheet). Example.

    If cell C7 in WorkSheet1 = false, then cell K17 in WorkSheet2 should be cleared.

    Another option. I have a macro (called DeleteK17) set up to clear cell K17 in WorkSheet2. Is there a way to run the macro if cell C7 in WorkSheet1 = false?