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    [h=2]I've seen this once before. Not sure the cause. I'm typing in the code window and say I type a period to get a dropdown of autocomplete choices, all of a sudden the list disappears like someone pressed ESC or something. As I'm typing code, it will change things automatically. It's so hard to explain in words, you have to see it.

    Like I was typing just for testing, "i am testing" but then it deletes the space and I get "i amtesting". The space disappears right after I type "i am " (note the space at the end) but before I can start typing "testing". It's driving me crazy as I can't type code without having to keep changing things that get messed up.

    I'm wondering if my work installed some type of software that is causing this, like a monitoring program that takes the focus away from the IDE window ??

    I know this is confusing and as I said, I've seen it before but can't recall what I did. I've already rebooted (some MS updates were installed).