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    The attached ad-in is a simple tool to cater to requirements of those working in Text in Excel, who might need to change text to;

    i) Lower Case
    ii) Upper Case, or
    iii) Proper Case,

    often and would like to have relevent menu available on the Formatting Toolbar.

    This Ad In has been tested in Excel 2002 and may need to be modified for other versions.

    To make it work, please save the attachment to a location, and then use Browse button to locate the saved file from Tools-->Add-Ins submenu in Excel.

    The Buttons added can be customized using Customize Toolbars option.

    Have your way with working with Text a little more easily!


    Re: Extract/Parse Out Specific Data From Multiple Text Files

    Dear macarius,
    There are only 2 changes. Have made the first line (which adds a new workbook) a comment. Further, the code looks up for a sheet named "Impedance" in the Active workbook and starts putting in the data from cell A1 (i=1 is the 1st row in the Sheet). You can change value of i below to the row you desire to have the placing of data started from in the Worksheet.

    Re: Extract/Parse Out Specific Data From Multiple CSV Files

    Please try by customizing the folder and placing this code in a module.


    Re: Determine Last Modified Date

    FSO is FileSystemObject. To copy the code from the thread titled at the left in the header 'Date Last Modified from CSV File" written by friend Jindon;

    The last line in the code gives the DataCreated (maxDate in the above code) for the CSV file in a message box. You might like to return this result on top of your pivot table.
    Hope that helps.

    Re: Filterable Dynamic Chart Range

    Although, I doubt that this could be the solution to your problem; as you have already got the desired result when you use direct cell references instead of named ranges.


    Re: Fill Range Down N Cells & Increment By X

    I assume that in all 84 cycles you wish to add 200 to every first number of the previous cylce, repeating the new number in the next 50 rows. If so, this code will accomplish that. Regards,

    Re: Transfer Data To Closed Workbook And Print

    It could be done like this;


    Re: Pasting N Times

    Please try this by pasting in any module. Regards,

    Re: Linked List With Class Procedure

    I have tried to modify the code not knowing, what you had in mind, but the code is executing. Please see if you can make it work.

    Function MakeCell()
    Dim Cell1 As New ConsCell ''To connect to the defined Class 
    Cell1.Car = 15
    Cell1.Cdr = "NIL"
        MakeCell = Cell1.Car & Cell1.Cdr
    End Function

    Function PrintCell(MakeCell)
        PrintCell = MakeCell
    End Function

    Re: Move & Transpose Columns to Rows

    The code below shall raise a prompt twice; first to select the cell to paste the data from Java File, second to place the transposed data pasted after successfully executing the first step.