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    Re: Database

    Quote from wanglong1312;528155

    It is just awesome, love it.

    Thanks ;)

    I have a more up to date version, if your still interested let me know and ill open it up and post it

    Re: Compare 2 Tables Of X Columns

    Sorry Patsy

    just noticed a mistake in the code - I was missing the last line.
    Plus, it was using the 1st row. Does your data have headers?
    If so, this code is correct:

    if you dont have headers and want to compare the first line, this should be OK


    Re: Compare 2 Tables Of X Columns

    Hi Patsys

    added a find function to check if missing already exists. Should remove duplicates:

    Re: Compare 2 Tables Of X Columns

    Hi Patsy


    Re: Compare 2 Tables Of X Columns

    Hi Patsy

    The following code should do what you want:

    The code uses the last row in column F as the row count. I attach an example for you.

    There may be more elegant replies to your question, but it works ;)


    Re: User Defined Function Not Updating Cell Content

    try placing the following code in the "thisworkbook" module:


    Re: Extract Certain Data Based On Conditions

    Hi Ben

    Really simple - sorry never realised that you wanted headers in that specific position. Just change the line

    lrow = ws2.Cells(65535, c).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Address


    lrow = ws2.Cells(65535, c-2).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Address

    and it should work fine. Example attached.
    This is presuming your headers will be in the position of the first spreadsheet you attached.
    If you headers are going to change position, please let me know.

    Hope this helps

    Re: Rotate Image

    Thanks, Ger!
    Pretty intense coding for something which seems so simple, also equally impressive!

    Thanks for sharing

    Re: Extract Certain Data Based On Conditions

    Hi Ben

    by moving the headers in your results sheet to the same positions as they are in the data sheet, the following code should work for you.

    I attach a working example for your reference.
    Hope this helps

    G'day people

    I have the following loop set up:

    However during each loop "myframeresult" is overwritten. I need to increment this to "myframe2result", "myframe3result" etc for each loop so that each is stored in a separate variable.


    Sorry the title was meant to be working with multiple frames but I dont know how to edit this :(

    Hi guys

    Ive got a userform with 30 frames on it. In each frame there is 5 option buttons with captions 1 2 3 4 and 5)

    ive written some code to find out which optionbutton has been chosen for a frame as below

    I was wondering if there was a way to alter the code to do this for each frame, rather than typing it out 30 times?
    something like:

    I know this syntax is all wrong but just to give an idea of what im tryign to do

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Macro To Insert A New Row

    In this example I have a named range "stats" which is the first cell in column A where the stats/percentages start.

    put this code behind the SHEET rather than in a module

    Re: Inserting A New Row With Updating Data

    do you mean a button to do it?

    If so something like:

    Sub Button2_Click()
        Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
    End Sub

    where "A10" is the first row of your stats/percentages. This will shift all cells from A10 downwards and insert a row.