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    Re: Formula for comparing totals?

    what would the formula be though? im not too hot with formulas - the real data i have is 5,2.5,2.75,0.5,0,0.25,0,1,1,2,1 and i want to know if its more or less than 16 - which I could just count, but im doing 65 rows, so will jsut copy the formula



    I have a spreadsheet with formulas in it, but everytime I make a change to figures i have to go into the formula cell and hit enter, as its not picking up the changes automatically like it normally does. does anyone know how to make this automatic again?



    Im looking for a formula for the following:

    I have a row of figures, and want a formula to enable the chosen cell to tell me if its plus or minus a certian number - for example, i have a row with numbers 5, 4, 3, 4, and i want to know whether its more, less or equall to 15, the cell chosen would say "+1", or if I was wanting to know if it was more, equall or less than 20, it would say "-4"

    thanks very much for any help, much appreciated

    Re: Cannot Hide sheets

    another possible reason could be that, if you are at work like me, your system administrator can disable the function. (my macro has bee ndisabled by my system administrator for some strange reason!!)


    Re: Format cells...

    cheers Alan, solves my problem.

    Another question I dont know if this is even possible. My Spreadsheet is full of formulas, and I need them removed (programme I use at work dosnt accept the sheet if there is formulas in the background) but I still need the text in the cells to remain the same as the formulas would give. Is this possible?

    Please help! This is probably easy for you guys, not me!
    I have a spreadsheet with National Insurance Numbers in one column, and I need the format code for 'custom' when you go into format cells to remove the last digit automatically. for example, if the NI Number was AB123456C, I need the formula to automatically remove the 'C'

    thank you! :thanx: