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    Re: Fv Function

    in your formula you need to specify whether the payment is made at the start of the period or the end of the period. You do this by specifying a type within the formula. In your case its defaulted to the end of the period (type 0), hence why its not added interest on for year 2. You need to change it to type 1, which means payment is made at start of period.

    The syntax is:

    =FV(Rate, No. of Pymnts, £ amount, current value, type)

    so, try this:



    Re: Convert Much Text In Workbook To Hyperlinks

    I dont know if theres a quicker way, but the normal way is to select the cell/row/text that you want to be the link, then go to insert>hyperlink (or ctrl + k) then choose place in this document from the left menu, then choose the cell reference/sheet from the right

    Hi Guys

    Im designing a desktop background for my office, and want to roll it out once complete.

    Rather than trying to email the image out and get people to do it manually, is there anything in vba i can do to assist in this? I know its asking a bit much, but ive been surprised in the past with how versatile vba is! (i.e mapping network drives)

    I asked the IT guys to do it over the server, but they started ranting about screen resolution, priority of other jobs etc etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Re: Adding Dashboard Functionality

    removing the scroll bars dosnt stop users scrolling within the sheet.

    In the "this workbook" module have the following code:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Sheet1.ScrollArea = "A1:Q40"
    End Sub

    Re: Pause While Sending Keystrokes

    sendkeys has never been reliable, specially for what your trying to do. (nothing is really)

    You could try the sleep API as below:

    1000 = 1 second.


    Re: Pause While Sending Keystrokes

    the simplest way to do it is:

    application.wait(Now + Timevalue("0:00:01"))

    obviously adjust the second accordingly. If you require a pause of less than a second let me know

    HTH[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]also, rather than doing {TAB}{TAB}{TAB} just do {TAB 3} etc will make it tidier and easier to read

    Re: Visibility Based On Value Of Multiple Column ListBox

    Hi There

    Thanks for all input, Andy sorry I took so long to answer. Yes It turned out I only wanted it visible if the text appears in the selected row, so Daves works as needed. However, previously I had wanted it to be visible if it appeared, selected or not so Ians worked for that need.

    Thanks again

    Hi Folks

    Ive got a listbox on a userform with 4 columns. Ive also got a hidden command button on this form. I want the command button to become visible if, at any point, certain text appears in the fourth column of this listbox. This could be any row of the listbox, but will always be the fourth column if it does appear.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Re: Load Data Meeting Condition Into Listbox

    Thank you both Andy and Dave for your replies. Makes sense.

    However on my attached example, searching by name works fine - it returns all the results. Its just by code that dosnt work. Ive printed off the subs for search by name and search by code and they seem to be the exact same (apart from different ranges to search, of course)

    Any ideas why searching by name works ,but the search ny code only returns the one?

    Thanks again

    Hi guys

    im using an adapted version of Roys database. Heres my code:

    This works fine for the first part - i.e it loads the data into the textboxes, and loads the headers and first search result into the listbox. However it always only loads the first search result, not all.

    Does anyone know why this might be? If its not clear I can post a simplified example of the working spreadsheet.

    Thanks in advance[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Ive uploaded an example to assist anyone kind enough to assis me :)