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    Hi Guys

    Ive been working on this database over the past day or 2 at work.
    Quite simple database, where you can add, view, edit and delete a record.

    I am using it for people who have a policy (or policies) with my work. You can obviously play about with the fields to suit your needs.

    I thought I would share it since some of you were kind enough to help me with it.

    I will be updating it over the next few days, so if you have any ideas for improvement etc all feedback welcome.

    I know the code isnt as economical as it could be, but thats one of the things I will be working on (no expert with VBA)


    Hi Guys

    im currently creating an excel database type spreadsheet and have a form with a textbox and a button. The code behind the button is as follows:

    The error message I get is select method of Range class failed

    Debugging highlights the line

    Anyone know why this is?

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Linking Vba With Terminal Emulator

    ive done a searh on APIs and came up with this:

    seems to do the job!
    Thanks for all input, appreciated

    Re: Linking Vba With Terminal Emulator

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for your reply. However im not familiar with APIs - if you get a chance yould you post me an example?


    PS thanks for the tip - there was a few times when it lost focus and started typing in lotus notes etc!

    Re: Linking Vba With Terminal Emulator

    Hi Ger

    Thanks for your reply. However in the above link I posted, the guy managed to set up a function to wait on the "X" to go away, i.e the app to become ready. Heres the code he used:

    Do while MyScn.OIA.Xstatus <> 0 

    If I could do this for my emulator and not the "myscn" then I think it should work. Alternatively, waiting half a second and not the full second would work as the "X" takes a split second to go away. It has never once failed using the 1 second method


    Hi guys

    im currently writing a piece of code that will link excel with the application I use at work, which is a terminal emulator called TN3270.

    an example of my code is as follows:

    as you will see, theres alot of waiting going on there (almost 19 seconds in this example, which will run loop on average 150-500 times).
    Im wondering, is there a way to use half a second timevalue to wait, or even better, wait on the app becoming ready?
    if youve not used an emulator then its hard to explain, but when the app is busy theres a "X timer" thing at the bottom.
    heres a link of someone who had a similar problem but with a differnt emulator and better explains my problem:

    Thank you for your time

    Good Morning folks

    Ive got a form with 2 combo boxes - one with the days of the month, and one with the months of the year.
    Im trying to have the combo boxes defautl to todays date when the form is shown. Ive tried the following but never worked:

    * paste "=now()" into cell A1 on the workbook open event (the cell is custom formatted to "dd")
    * paste =now()" into cell A2 on the workbook open event (the cell is custom formatted to "mmmm")
    * have combobox1 value = cell A1 on initialize
    * have combobox2 value = cell A2 on initialize

    Obviously because of the excel date formats this threw up crazy numbers. Does anyone have any sugestions? (my ideas are always a long way for a short cut, but imaginitive!)


    Hi Guys

    Ive got an attachment saved on a lotus notes database that people at my work use from time to time.

    Its just a blank spreadsheet with a button that launches a form. The user fills in the form then closes the application.

    I was wondering if it is possibel to change this so that when the attachment is opened, yuo dont actually see Excel but just the form. Once this form is submitted, the application closes itself so that the user never actualyl sees excel?

    Thanks in advance

    Good Morning

    In my department, we curently complete a spreadsheet daily for Full Time Equivallent (FTE) Figures. Each day is saved as current date ie 29.06.07 in a folder named with the relevant month (i.e J:/shared/FTE/June/29.06.07)

    My manager now wants to be able to compare the data for the whole of each month. Im looking for advice on the best way to do this. Ive had a few options already, for example: add a new sheet to each day, which compares with last five days. Or create a new workbook in the "june" folder, which references every spreadsheet in the folder. Ive also had a suggestion of using MS Acess but have no expierence of that.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated


    G'Day folks

    I currently have a spreadsheet with circa 50,000 lines with info regarding our websites at work.

    In every row, column "A" contains a unique reference number.There eill either be 1 row for this reference number, or there will be 2 rows. there will never be more than 2 rows for each reference. I wanted some code to say that if theres only one row, then delete it but if the if the cell underneath it is the same then its ok.

    I tried the following but it deletes the row anyway, supposing the cell under it is the same or not :(

    Thanks very much for any assistance


    I currently have a spreadsheet that my deparment use at work. Its just a full time equivallent sheet, nothing fancy. However I added code onto it to prevent users opening it as I was updating it.

    However I went to open it and It wouldnt open. It wouldn't recognise me as being the exception. Its just a code on the workbook open that says if user is "slb090" (which is me) then do nothing, else msgbox and just a quickie sayign come back later".

    I have attached the spreadsheet, in the hope someone can open this for me and remove the message so I can open it!

    Thanks very much in advance

    :redface: :redface:


    Re: Enter Vs Return

    I was a bit vague on my problem, apologies

    Im using VBA to launch my mainframe application, enter data and submit it. Whilst working in the mainfrome, RETURN gives a new line, and ENTER (next to numberpad) submits. Ive tried "~" aswell as all the others I mentioned, but as opposed to submitting the data its just putting the cursor to a new line (effectively pressing RETURN in mainframe)

    hope this is more clear