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    Hi Folks

    The spreadsheet that my work uses is saved on our server, and there is a link to it on our internal website. However when its opened, it opens in minimised state. If you close and open it again, its maximised. and it keeps alternating between minimised and maximised. Ive saved the spreadsheet onto my hard drive, and different locations on the server and it works fine, ie opens maximised every time. Its just seems to be when opened from a link that it does it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be doing this?

    Hi folks,

    I have a spreadsheet with 6 buttons on it.

    Ive been using the code from Daves Download Page to log users of the spreadsheet, however im now want to log which button is being clicked the most.

    Is this possible?

    Ive tried to do it myself, by adding a hidden sheet, and adding code to each button to add a line to the new sheet each time the button was clicked etc, but faield miserably.

    Many Thanks

    Re: Merging Multiple Cells

    what is it that your trying to achieve?
    Unless theres a specific reason for this layout then Im sure theres an easier way than that.
    Im no expert, but it seems impractical to copy all data into one cell.
    Perhaps someone will disagree.
    If you tell me what your trying to do, ill try and suggest something a bit more practical.


    Re: Macro To Sort Then Identify Certain Cells To Be Copied

    Im a beginner with VBA aswell, but ive had a go. what about something like this:

    change the counter to however many rows you think, and change "H" to whatever column OK or NOT ok will be in?

    Re: Left Formula With Vba

    thanks Roy.

    Which part of the code tells excel to split the textbox? txt1 has been declared. but the code dosnt seem to use it? Am I being stupid?

    I get a runtime error when running the code


    Hi folks

    i know the forumla, using left and find to get the value of a cell to the left of the first space. (i.e if the cell said click here then im looking for just

    however, when I try and use this in vba I cant get it to "find".

    Does anyone have any tips?

    PS im trying to get the value of a textbox, before the first space

    Many Thanks

    Re: Novice Vba Getting Started

    as said above, which event are you using to fire the welcome message?

    If you want the message to appear as soon as the spreadsheet has opened, do as above and place the code in a routine under "ThisWorkbook" module.

    If you have placed it in the sheet modules, the welcome message will not work unless you have used something like worksheet_activate.

    If you have just created a new module, you will need to have a button or similar which tells excel to run the routine.

    If you upload your example, Im sure someone will point you in the right direction to start you off.


    Re: Sharing Workbooks

    if you ARE copying the full workbook, and not copying a sheet at a time, can you see the script in vba editor when pasted? check that macros are not disbled on the laptop?

    HI folks,

    ive got this named range:

    "EMPProblem" =OFFSET(EMPData!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(EMPData!$A:$A),1)

    the rowsource for my combobox is =EMPProblem. its returning what im expecting (all data in cells A2:last nonblank in the EMPData sheet) however it also gives me a blank line aswell. Is there an error in my syntax? possibly the "1" at the very end?

    Im not 100% of the meaning of the full syntax!

    cheers folks

    Re: Pivot Table Query

    if it would be good if it was one big table, however if it would be easier, I could do 3 tables.

    one showing - Customer, Demand, Exact Demand -

    one showing - Customer, Source Of Email, Registered -

    one showing - Customer, Answer Available Online, Draft Email Sent -

    thanks again