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    Re: Pivot Table Query

    sorry should have said.

    Im trying to gather the following:

    amount of requests coming from customers
    what demand/exact demand they are looking for
    are they registered and was the answer available online
    the source of the email
    what draft email did we send the customer

    the date/policynumber/scheme number/additional comments/submitted by/dept are all irrelevant.

    Hope this explains things further. Im not sure if this is do-able in the one table

    Many thanks for your help!

    Hi Folks

    attached is a spreadsheet 6 people in my area use daily(ive copied and pasted the sheet in question to a new worksheet, as the file was too big)

    Ive been trying for about 3 days now to make a pivot table to summarise this data but keep getting crazy results.

    Would someone be kind enough to help me out?


    Re: Named Range Not Picked Up In Userform

    I eventually got this to work, so thought id post the answer incase someone else has this problem and does a search.

    As the problem appears to be with the indirect, I did the following:

    Redefined "listsource" as "=EMPData!$IV$1"

    then used

    Me.Controls("listsol").RowSource = Range(Range("listsource").value).address

    nesting the ranges gave me the address of the named range in the cell that listsource refers to.


    Re: Named Range Not Picked Up In Userform

    is there a way of putting the actual range of the dynamic range into another cell that will automatically change with the dynamic range? IE if your dynamic range is A1:A19 have cell AA1 show simply A1:A19, but if another line is added then cell AA1 will automatically show A1:A20 in line with the dynamic range?

    Re: Named Range Not Picked Up In Userform

    thanks for your reply.
    I put =EMPProblem into the rowsource for cbonature. This worked fine. However, When I click on one of the options from the dropdown, I get an error message as if its not picking up the next named range. Did you get this message?

    Re: Duplicate Entries Into A Shared Spreadsheet

    the reason for different sheets is that the data is broken down by country, postcode, building number, floor, area, department, team, user etc etc and theres far too many different headers to make it readable. I would use a pivot table, but I need to change stuff, add comments etc and it didnt quite work.

    however ill look further into a pivot table if this is the only way, ill also have a look at "ontime method"

    thanks for your input roy

    Re: Duplicate Entries Into A Shared Spreadsheet

    ive just heard of a suggestion to write vba so that all the input from sheet 1 to 6 is copied over to sheet 7 at a certain time of night. This sounds quite ridiculous to me. Is this possible? surely theres an easier way...

    hi folks

    wonder if you can help?

    Ive got a spreadsheet with 6 buttons. each button has a different form. when the form is submitted, it records data to a spreadsheet. (ie button 1 records data to sheet 1, button 2 records data to sheet 2 etc). however each button also adds a line to sheet 7, which should be the total. but, as the spreadsheet is shared, sometimes a user will open the sheet, enter data, and another user will do the same. but since user 2 has just submitted their data a few seconds after user 1 and its not yet been saved, both users have entered data into the same line on sheet 7(the code looks up first blank cell in A and adds it to that row).

    Is there a way round this?

    morning all

    I have created a spreadsheet thismorning where the user simply fills in a form and clicks submit, and the data is stored in another sheet.

    However What I was wanting to do, is add another sheet and copy the data into that aswell - is it possible to add in a second loop, and have the data from the form copied to the next blank row of the new sheet aswell?

    My code is:

    hi folks

    I have the following code and [v]*[/v] in ThisWorkbook:

    and my form has the following code:

    what i was hoping would happen, is when the user exits the Form they are directed back to the previous sheet they were on. I get a runtime error. Can anyone point me out where im going wrong, or better still, advise how I can run my form without actually selecting the sheet (sheet8) where the data for the dropdown box etc resides?

    p.s "try" is a [nr]*[/nr]

    Many Thanks

    Re: Show List Depending On Drop Down Selection

    Hi Guys

    I have another question sorry. Its related to the above so thought I would keep it in the same thread.

    I have got an updated spreadsheet attached, thanks to bill and dave for their input. currently when the user click on the make payments button on the first page, the form opens up. once the user choses a problem from the first drop down list, the listbox list is complied accordingly.

    What I now need is when the user highlights (or single clicks) the solution in the list box, a more detailed explination is shown in the new box on the right of the form.

    Is this possible?

    I will be storing all the detailed solutions on the MPData sheet, where the raw data is currently stored. However im unsure the best way to lay it out.

    Many thanks again