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    Thanks a whole lot for your reply, Derk.

    No, course 1 and mark 1, etc. are in separate columns and cells. So, if I have 24 courses reported, I use a total of 48 cells for grades for each student. The first three columns are Surname, Given Name and Student Number.

    The Personal Sheet is actually called Master Sheet (because it is the Master Sheet for each student). The grades go into the Master Sheet in the range C2:D23 (C for the course, D for the grades). This range of cells must be sorted in descending order as the scholarship rules base the students weighted average on their best 60 credits worth of courses, and apply a slight penalty to those students with fewer than 60 credits.

    The students name is concatonated into cell B1.

    I need a separate worksheet for each student, named for each student.

    I'd post a screenshot if I could figure how to do that! Feeling dumber all the time!


    I'm new to VBA ... so feel somewhat dumb. Anyhow, I'm a school counsellor and am building an Excel spreadsheet for our local scholarship association meeting. I have exported a tab delimited file from our school admin. software and have put it into an Excel worksheet named "data_sheet" with one row per student and columns: Surname, Given Name, Student Number, and sutdent grades labeled Course 1, Mark 1; Course 2, Mark 2; to Course 20, Mark 20).

    I have laid out another "personal worksheet" that performs calculations on the data from the "data" sheet, and allows for the input of volunteer hours, parental affiliations, etc. I need one of these sheets for each student. I also set up a range of cells in this new worksheet (a column with the course and another for the grade) to perform calculations on the students courses and grades according to the scholarship rules (that part is easy). I want the course and grade information for each student to be entered into the appropriate columns in that range of cells, and for only those cells to be sorted in descending order by grade.

    What I am looking for is a script that will duplicate the "personal worksheet" for each student, name the worksheet, place the course & grade information in the appropriate cells in the range, and sort. Have spent two days on the problem and haven't got anywhere.

    Any help greatly appreciated.