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    can i text wrap formula's,

    cause in formula mode there isn't enough room for it to fit on the whole page. in landscape mode.

    i don't have enough room across but heaps of room downwards.

    is there a way i can text wrap the formula.


    i am using this formula and its not working....

    I want to make it so that when the cells G7, H7, I7 all say yes then the other column will say yes.

    If it says no in one of the cells the other column will say no.

    how is this done?

    is there a book in aus i can buy that has this type of stuff in it?

    I want if to say yes for hatch and sedan and no for wagon.

    Like a have column A1 which has hatch sedan and wagons in it and i want to create another column which says yes if its a hatch or sedan and no if its a wagon.

    hope that its clearer.

    ok, so i've designed IF statments for cars like this one:


    is this statement right, for saying that if the car is above $7000 it will say no and if the car below $7000 it will say yes.

    Now i want to design an IF statment that specifys Yes or No. that says yes if its a hatch or sedan and no if its a wagon.

    how would i do that, i tried putting letters in instead of the numbers and that didn't work.

    also anyone that has msn that i can add them so they can help me if they want to. :D

    thx in advance for any help.

    i'm not sure if i should do the flate rate or stick with the $8 for every $200.

    i would try both formula's.

    so right now the:

    =INT(A1/200)*8 (sub A1 as price) this is the $8 for every $200

    =(8/200)*B2 (price) this would be the 4% flat rate

    I'm just starting excel and would like to know a few things if someone is kind enough to help me. :cool:

    I have made a column for cars and a column for the price in excel. Now my problem is that i want to create another column which would add the stamp duty which would be charged at the rate of $8 for every $200.


    2003 Toyota Prado Grande


    Stamp Duty:
    what formula would i use for this? (at the rate of $8 for every $200 dollars.

    look foward to hearing from u guys n' gals.