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    Re: Automatically Change Font Size On Selection

    Thanks for reply
    but it did not work the way you suggest

    when this line

    Columns("C:D").Font.Size = 11

    is excuted then the copying mode I have to stop this line from excuting which I donot want to, but his is the only solution infront of me so far.......

    any help on the point, pls............?

    Hi there

    I use this ok code to increase the font in the selected cell :

    The problem is when i press ctrl+c to copy a cell content, so once i move the curser to the distenation cell then the copying mode in selected cell disappeared.

    It is because when the event is trigered then the copying mode stops.

    The question is : how to let the copying mode works even when the event is trigered ?

    Hello There

    I am trying to make this code works by Toggle botten in Mymenu.
    when i press the toggle bottun the copy takes place, then move the curser to distenation and press the Toggle again to past only the comment.

    How to make the Toggle bottun inside Mymenu (A menu in the Worsheet Menu Bar).

    Sub Macro1()
    '    Selection.Copy
        Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteComments, Operation:=xlNone, _
            SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
        Application.CutCopyMode = False
    End Sub

    Re: Unload Add-in. Thisworkbook Is Currently Referenced By Another Workbook..

    Thank you for reply

    I tried searching the MS, but ...................:sailboat:

    I, surprisingly, note that when I open the Excel App the Add-in is loaded despit the fact that it is not checked in the Add-in window nor even listed inside the add-in window.

    I.E. the add-in is not listed at all in the Add-in window and still loaded when the Excel App is opened. And the Add-in is not in the XLStart folder.

    When open Excel App before it used to be open normally.
    I think the problem that creat the msg is this

    So, how can I make the Excel App open without my Add-in bing loaded ?[hr]*[/hr] Auto[hr]*[/hr] [b]Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]Ok, I solve the problem
    My mistake was about saving the Add-in
    I deleted all copies of my add-in and took my back up copy and save a copy of it in add-in folder. Then againg took a copy of it and save it in my folder.

    now Excel opens normally without hte add-in bing loaded.
    load and unload my add-in works fine.

    however, after this the problem appears again ?????

    Re: Unload Add-in. Thisworkbook Is Currently Referenced By Another Workbook..

    Thanks, Dave


    simply, the Addin has a command to insert a sheet in the opened workbook. This is to make some calculations and review some technical points. Then I delete the inserted sheet.

    insert and delete sheet works fine. only when unloading the addin the msg appear.

    Hello there

    I try to unload my Addin, but i got this msg:

    Thisworkbook is currently referenced by other workbook and can not be closed

    Each time when i want to remove it from the main menue, I have to go to toolbars > customize and remove it.

    before it used to be unloaded normally by unchecked the addin from the addin window.

    could you tell how to solve this problem ?

    Re: Custom Toolbar .xlb File

    Thanks for reply jhenderson

    I use Excel 2003 and Windows vista op ?

    I used search feature tring to find the .xlb file, but it does not show ?

    Ok, got it , when opening and closing Excel app the .xlb file should be existed.

    However, tried but not know where to find it :question::question::question:

    please help

    Hi there

    I am tring to find the xlb file, but it does show in my laptop .

    I open and close the xl App, but still could not find it

    any idea how to creat one ? or where to find it in windows vista ?


    Re: View Source Of Webpage

    HI there

    Interesting point

    this code opens a web page for you

    probably sombody ealse migh add more interesting points...............i will keep an eye

    Hello There

    i have this code to run autofilter in protected sheet2, assigned to a check Box,
    but it gives me this Msg when i run the code by checking the check Box :
    File in use
    The file is locked for editing by the (my name)

    Any idea why is this ?

    However, when i excute the code by F5 in the VBE window, it works fine
    also when i excute the code from Worksheet_Activate , it works fine

    here is the code:

    Sub t()
    With Sheet2
                .Protect "0", , , , userinterfaceonly:=True, Allowautofilter:=True
                .AutoFilterMode = False
    End With
    End Sub