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    Re: Check If Sheet Is Active

    Yes Dave, i am in sheet1......
    while i move between sheets a code is excuting, so i need the code to check if i am in sheet1 then exit the code but if i am in other sheet then the code complet the excution.

    That's why i need to check if sheet1 is active or not ?

    I trid to apply the code given by iwrk4dedbr, but donot know how to use it , pls help?

    Re: Auto Accumelate Formula

    thank you

    i mean when i enter a number after A100, i need the formula to add it ?[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]I got it done

    thank you for the spent time

    Hi there

    I use this formula = Sum (A2:A100), and it works.

    I would lke to use a formula located in A1 to auto add each number i entered within the range A2.....A100

    Thank you

    Hi there

    I call a userform from a sub menu i created it, but i got an error 449:
    Argument not optional.

    Hi there

    When I use TextBox.SetFocus in a userform , the curser will be inside the TextBox,
    My TesxtBox has a value in it, so when i apply the TextBox.SetFocus I want the value to be highlighted insted of only being the active TesxBox.

    Thank you

    Re: Add Combo Box Item To List Box

    Thank you Dave

    I looked at the LBound UBound in the VBA help. I understand them.

    Is there an Excel file explains their usage in VBA programming windows can be bought ?

    Re: Loop Checking Items Name In Listbox

    Thanks for reply

    For i = LBound(ListBox1.List) To UBound(ListBox1.List)
    this line gives:
    Run Time Error 13:
     Type mismatch

    donot know why ?

    Hi there
    I use ComboBox to add items to the ListBox in userform
    I am tring to loop through the ListBox to check each name in the ListBox, so ifthe name chosen by the ComboBox exists in the ListBox then donot add it,
    but both codes do check the number of the item in the ListBox.
    I need to check the name of the item. ?

    Thank you for help