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    Hi all
    Is there a way to get a Drop Down List in the inputbox, so
    I can choose from the drop down list
    the drop down list has to dapended on another value in A1
    i.e if A1=10 then i can choose either 3 or 6 from the drop down list that is
    placed on the inputbox.........

    any soultion or idea is highly appreciated...

    Set Bouns Value
    BounsV = Application.InputBox("Bouns V IS :", "Set The Bouns Value For This Item", Left:=100, Top:=5, Type:=1)

    BounsV = Target.Offset(0, 3).Value


    Thank members

    XL-Dennis you said:
    There exist some commercial tools that can recover workbooks but no free tools.
    yea u were right i was opening and closing the files many time in addtion to adding/deleting ...........

    could you please suggest the right tool to do so as u mentioed in your answer
    and the web to buy from

    thank u

    Deep real problem

    I wrote a complex vba project, when i click this file to open the excel application, it gives me recovery message and send report......... when i do so then all the written codes(private and models) deleted......and i end up with nothing .......

    however, all other xls files with thier vba projects, can be opened safly without losing any vba code............

    any idea why

    i insert a picture as sheet background
    (not as picture but background)...........................but it comes as larrge as the whole sheet

    i want it to be as large as one page only within the sheet..........meaning how can I manage the size of the picture when put it as a sheet background

    thank u

    Hi all

    I am searching the net for a vba code using an API function to increase the memory used (takes part of the hard disk to use it in addition to the Ram memory)

    so far has not found my need.....any help or idea is appreciated

    thank u in advance


    Hello all

    How to select the TextBox that is placed on the activecell without referencing
    to the TextBox number i.e ( TextBox1 )

    I reached this code, but it is with the textbox number………sometimes I want to delete the TextBox that is placed on the activecell, so the user doesn't know the number of the textbox that is placed on the activecell………


    In Range("A1") from Wb 1 placed a value
    in Range("A1") in Wb 2 put = 'C:\FolderName\[SourceWbName.xls]WorkSheetName'!A1

    after this...........
    I placed my code in the private worksheet_change event,
    when i place a new value in Range A1 in Wb1 so Range A1 in Wb2 changed to the new value, but the private worksheet_change does not do any work,
    i.e. as if there is no an event happend

    why my private code does not work?
    How can i make it work?


    Is there a vba code to save data to another workbook that acts as a database...............without opening the database WB

    and the database workbook should remain closed.......

    i successeded doing so but with opening the database WB......

    any idea is appreciated


    either choose an item from the list in the invoice sheet(Trade name) then choose a qyt then press enter.......

    so the qyt should be reduced from the qyt that exists in stock sheet......
    but, it is not since i placed the code, that i posted, in a standard module

    hope it's clear

    pls let me know

    Hi All...............Thank u in advance for any help

    brfore writting the comming code every code were just fine and worked.....

    the atached file (Sales Invoice+ Auto stock Reduction {Osama}) when i write the comming code to the file in a standard module, an error message appears when the private code in the sheet invoice Run, which says:
    user-defined type not defined

    this Msg appears only two or three times and then the Excel application shows another Msg when opening this specific workbook (Sales Invoice+ Auto stock Reduction {Osama}), the Ksg says:
    Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and need to close the workbook.
    then a check box checked and infront of it written: Recover my work and restart Excel............

    so i checked the box and press ok, so the Excel started again opened the mentioed WB, but without any private and standarad modules.....

    The meant code: (which was placed in a standard module)

    bear in mind that the code itself worked alone very well, only when combinrd with the the mentioned file.......the problem appears

    Sub Auto_Open()
    Worksheets("Stock").OnEntry = "Macro3"
    End Sub

    Sub Macro3()
    DIM ReOrdValue as Integer, Mycheck as Integer

    with activecell
    if .column = 1 then
    Application.InputBox("Set the Reorder Point ","",)
    end if
    end with

    if ReOrdValue <= o then
    exit sub
    end if

    Mycheck = Msg(ReOrdValue,vbYesNo, "Continue?")
    if Mycheck = vbNo then
    exit sub
    end if

    Activecell.Offset(0, 2) = ReOrdValue

    End Sub

    pls find the attached file try it


    ok, try this

    Could u pls do this as an example

    thank u ]

    msg = "Write Only Letters, No Spaces between words,And only Lower Dash ( _ ) can be used"

    Ok, but if i do so then the whole list will appear in the distenation WB.....

    However, i want the user when he puts the cursoe on a cell is to be able to choose from the drop down List that should appear in the distenation WB,..

    I donot want the whole list appear infront of the user i want him to choose one item from a drop down list that exist in the source WB

    hop it's clear