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    Hello all

    when you use
    works fine,

    Now in the Excel mode, there is a (-) {for grouping} just besides the colmun that holds the numbers of the sheet rows, so when you hit it then the group of rows is hiden........

    i tried several time writing a code does this job, but................
    even this code (Selection.Rows.Ungroup) does not hide the rows

    appreciate any hints


    i did conditional formatting that if a cell value is <=2 change the color to purpel,
    then after that did writ a code that makes a Msgbox appears as a wornning followed by another
    Msgbox that give the exact addrress of the cell that contain <=2.....

    i tried to with this code, but it did not work........
    any hints is appreciated.............

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim c As Range
    'Dim myCheck As Integer

    For Each c In Sheet3.Range("E32:E1800").Cells
    If c.Interior.ColorIndex <> -4142 Then
    If c.Value <= 2 Then
    c.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
    MsgBox """?C????I ??I ???C? C??I??? ???E ?E? ", vbOKOnly, " Warnning"
    MsgBox c.Address
    End If
    End If
    End Sub


    Hello All

    My problem is :
    This code works fine, but when i place the ordered Qyt in the invoice sheet (E19.....E49),
    the qyt should be reduced from the quantities range (D32:D1800) in the stock sheet..........

    Ths problem, the reduction is placed one row below the row that contain the qyts ordered

    i donot know why i tested the code line by line............but

    pls, any help would be appreciated....see the attached file................


    Hi All

    i am tring to write a code to force xls file open by it self when several hours (any number of hours, say 3 hours) has passed..

    either pased on a condition Like A1=Now() so when 3 hours paased then, or
    based on the computer time so after 3 hours passed then

    my try was as follwing (placed in workbook_open) or somewhere else

    If A1
    getopenfile( file path)
    end if

    any help is appreciated in advanced


    sorry, i was misstaken

    here is the solution, if..................

    If you try to view a Visual Basic for Applications project in the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, the following error message may appear

    Project Locked
    Project is unviewable
    even though you did not lock the project for viewing in the properties for the project. This message may also appear if you click VBAProject Properties on the Tools menu in the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.

    This behavior occurs if you try to view a project that is in a shared workbook.

    You cannot view a project in a shared workbook. If you want to view a project in a shared workbook, turn off sharing. To turn off sharing, use the following steps:
    Open the shared workbook.
    On the Tools menu, click Share Workbook.
    Clear the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time check box, and then click OK.


    you might want to see Tools>Protect>Protect and share workbook

    Remove protect and share workbook
    cuz, once you protect and share your workbook, then your vba code becomes
    unviewable which appears in a message box

    might help

    I have a workbook that contains 5 worksheets, i want to loop through only three sheets that contains my data until the match is found(see the macro), then stop the looping and proceed the rest of the macro.......

    here is the full macro with my small try to loop through two sheets(4 and 2)
    i tried it onc using Do....loop and another time using only if........but!!!!!!!

    I attached the file

    would any one pls help.............

    I placed this macro in the stock sheet


    i have problem opening the mentioned WB

    it is not found in XLStart folder

    i tried to make macro and choose to save it in personal macro workbook, but the Excel keep giving this message:
    *personal macro workbook must be open
    *unable to record

    however, to save macros in the other WB, is ok
    i even went to option>general. at start up....could not find any file

    pls help

    Hi All

    I have an infra-red reader that reads the products number (the Lines end with numbers) placed on the products.....

    The idea i have is once the reader does its job and stores the red fils in the computer, then import the files using a vba code and once the files are inside Excel then it is done..................

    Is there a VBA code that deals directely with this machine(infra-red reader)?

    Is there a code or any information about it (web sites).............

    Any help appreciated
    Thanks to all

    I have no problem creating lists using Data validation and formulas...

    i want to creat a sub list from a main list...
    so when displaying an item from the main list, another sub list appear to show sub items that are linked to the main item in the main list

    however, i wnat to use only one column, not two or three columns


    Ok Pesky Weasel

    My data in sheet2 (Stock sheet) is Items are in a column and quantities are in the next column
    for the sheet1 (sales report sheet) same a column for data and the next for the quantities

    hope this help

    when i enter an item in the sale report (table in sheet1), i want the same item quantity deducted form a list in sheet2 in the same workbook
    i have trying so far................
    Could you please provide me with a vba code does this job

    Thankx a lot

    your code worked, but the function is disabled only in the insert menu and not disabled in the formula bar......
    i want to disable it in the formula bar........

    kind Regards:)

    Thank you Euge for your appreciated reply, however it did not work....and also i want to keep the formula bar but disable the (insert formula wizard function)

    i have tried it in several ways............but barf::barf:
    i did disable the insert menu as a whole menu, but i do not want this...............

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Application.CommandBars("&Insert").Controls("Paste Function").Enabled = False
    Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
    End Sub

    could you and any one help
    kind regards