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    hi there

    i use this line inside an addin

    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

    only when I open the XL App, the addin is uploding, so when excution comes to the line ,
    it gives this error:
    Run Time Error 1004
    Method calculation of object Application Failed

    however, when the XL App is already openned, then uploading or unloading the Addin cause no problem

    Re: Multiple Textboxes To Accept Only Numbers

    u can use this: its a soultion of a member of the forum

    Re: Delete CommandBar Control in 2007

    Thank u Andy,
    but i am really a bit confused what to do exactely ? specially that i did not get what u ment here


    If you run the delete code on a menu item created with your code it will work.

    i wish to be helped in this if possiable

    Re: Delete CommandBar Control in 2007

    Thank u Andy

    when excution comes 2

    On Error Resume Next 'Just in  case
         '*Delete existing Super Menu if it was left.
        On Error Goto 0

    an error 91 appears tells : object variable or with block variable not set
    this error come in openning and closing.

    what i did wrong ?

    Re: Delete CommandBar Control in 2007

    ok, here is it

    Re: Delete CommandBar Control in 2007

    Professionals..........Thank u

    creating your menu, is the code to do so under xl 2007 can be easly followed ?
    if yes, is it possiable to post the code................thank u

    my case is same as your


    the old Commandbar code should work.
    A new control will be added to the Addin tab.

    could u pls show me how 2 use .FINDCONTROL method and delete, because my addin works ok under XL 2007, only the problem of deleting the commadndbar which is added under the Addin tap ?

    Thank u

    hi there
    i use xl 2007
    when open xl app my addin is installing, but when excution gets to delete the my addin an error appears tells :invalid procedure call or argument.

    sub workbook_open
    On Error Resume Next 'Just in case
     '*Delete existing Super Menu if it was left.
    Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Controls("Accountant Menu").Delete
    On Error GoTo 0

    End Sub

    Any help why is this ? Thank u v much

    hi there
    I am tring to writh the value of the cell formated as "#,##0.000" inside the comment box in this format,...............but ...........could not make it
    here is my try

    End Sub

    any idea ? Thank u

    hi there
    i am trying to lunch screensaver using this code, which worked with Excel 2003, but not with Excel 2007 which i am using at the moment.
    when excution comes 2 :

    VBA.Shell "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ss3dfo.scr /S", vbMaximizedFocus

    it tells file not found
    any idea how 2 make it work in Excel 2007 ?

    Sub RunScreenSaverProgram()
    '*To show the screen saver
    VBA.Shell "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ss3dfo.scr /S", vbMaximizedFocus
    End Sub

    hi there
    any idea to these 2 errors ?

    if choose a cell then the code works fine, but when i choose a selection of cells
    (ex. A1 A2A3 A4) then the code fail to excute in this line: Invalid proceduer call or argument error

    .AddComment "hmk :" & Chr(10) & " value was " & ActiveCell.Value

    and then fail to excute in this line: typr mismatch error

    Selection.Value = (Selection.Value) * r

    now here, does have to be loop to solve

    here is the full code

    Re: Textbox Value Inside Comment

    Thank u royUK :gift:, i got my mistake.....................

    it is interesting to take into considration your comment about an error handler to detect a comment & delete it before adding the new one

    could you pls show me how to detect a comment ? Thank u

    On a userform, i put a TextBox1
    i need to show the value of the Textbox1 inside the comment
    i tried this way, but the comment shows r insted of its value.

    any idea ? Thank u