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    I hope I understand this right.?:duh:
    1.I would add another column called "group"
    2 mark the posts with group I-III (maybee you will need an =if( mark them) and
    3 .then sort by group first ant then the data column.

    Keep on XLing! /Mats


    I am answering my own post, what a great way to upgrade my position on the board:eureka:. I must get a really cool alias and ask all kinds of silly questions that I know the answer to:saint:.

    THE Solution.
    1. Ctrl a
    2. Ctrl c
    3. Insert worksheet.
    4. Paste special values.
    5. To check if the row is a "Totals" row or not. '=IF(ISERROR(FIND("Total",A1)),FALSE,TRUE)
    6. Sort on the "check" column.
    7. Delete False values.
    8. And :tongue: we have subtotals only from an area that are to complicated to XL.

    Now I´m of to get an alias.

    Take care! /Mats


    I have a large database of 46489 posts. I have used subtotals to add them up. In the past have I used Edit-Got to-special-visible cells only, to copy the subtotals to another sheet, but this time I get "too complicated area" from XL. Do anyone know of a workaround apart from the obvious move to Access. I use W2k, XL2K and have 512 mb ram.

    TIA :flower: Mats


    Will and Bill have valid points to remember, but it can be done. See this formula.


    Maybe not the most beautifull formula in the world but it works. The formula formats a Swedish ISBN correctly (put the dashes in the right places). I have got help from XL-Dennis making this formula.

    :beergrin: Mats

    PS I have an Swedish version of XL I hope I have made the right translations to english.


    I got this code on the G-list from Bob Umlas. Thanks!

    Finally a way to get the little anoying paperclipp help "office assistant" to do some real work! Now you can be a real pain in ....too! :nana:

    Have a great weekend :beergrin: /Mats

    Sub PaperClipTalk()
    With Assistant
    .Visible = True
    With .NewBalloon
    .Heading = "THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SAY"
    .Text = "AND THIS, TOO"
    End With
    End With
    End Sub

    Bob Umlas
    KPMG Tax Technology
    Excel MVP


    Dennis gave me a tip of using the machintosh date system. Tools-alternative-calculations. It enables me to have negative time etc. I find it very usefull all though is a bit "dirty"....

    Thanks Dennis!:cheers:



    I´m not a math expert, but shouldn´t this "31.35" be rounded up to "31.4" just like it is? I can recal something of "rounding up/down to even number" from school. That ought to be 31.4

    Kind regards Mats


    Thanks Dave. Nice solution. But why do I get a runtime error no 9 "index is out of reach" (I have a Swedish version so maybe translation is out of touch) at the line marked with an X. I just want to take what I have on the clipborad so I dont need the 'your copy code here section. Any help greatly appriciated!

    Sub DoIt()
    Dim lRows As Long

    On Error Resume Next
    On Error GoTo 0

    Sheets.Add().Name = "CopyCheck"

    With Sheets("CopyCheck")
    lRows = .UsedRange.Rows.Count
    End With
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    X Sheets("PasteSheet").Rows("1:" & lRows).Insert
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    End Sub

    Hello Dennis! Nice to see you to. Now can I make all kind of silly questions in English as well as Swedish to you. BTW I voted for Deep Purple yesterday I´m a bit of a traditionalist. I saw them a couple of years ago. Ian Gillan is still running around in his pyjamas on stage!