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    Re: HTML_Interactivity

    Hi Buddy,

    first of all thanks a lot for the reply.

    However I tried thsi and it does not work as the graphs and reports i want to publish have external links and it gives error,

    can you please suggest another way out?



    Quote from reclusivemonkey


    You can publish Excel Charts/Pivot Tables with all the interactivity they have in Excel (just about), *without* any third party add-ons.

    Go to "Save as Webpage", then choose "Entire Workbook" or "Selection:Sheet", tick the "Add Interactivity" box, then click on "Publish". You can then set where you want the page to be published when you save it. There are quite a few options for you to play with, you should be OK, if not search the Help or post again.

    Hi Guys,
    Please help me out,

    Basically i need help on excel and HTML interactivity.

    I have a pivot table and a normal chart in an excel sheet.

    I want to convert it into an HTML page whereby the HTML page will have the same pivot table and the chart.

    The trick is that i wanna upload this page to our intranet and i want the users to be able to work on the page same ways as they do in excel.

    Thus all functionalities will be available to users on HTM page.

    I am usinf Office 2003 standard edition,



    I have two datasheets ( Worksheets) and both have over 50,000 rows of data.
    The data is Date, Month, Employee id, and productivity. The Two Sheets are Deptt. A and Deptt. B.

    Is is possible to combine the two and make one pivot table which shows All employees and their Productivity month Wise.???


    I tried it

    Actually yes i tried it but didn't help,

    eg- if it is 15 hr and 10 mins-- it shows as 15:10 in hh:mm format,

    but if i make it to mm format- ideally it should show (15*60)+10 mins-- bul alas-- it shows only "10" in MM format,

    so had to go through all that

    thanks anyways :thanx:



    Dear Dave,

    it works,

    My formula returns 01 00:00 and not 24. This is true.

    It is a custom format for dd hh:mm now in the next column, i have converted into text by formula =text(result,"ddhhmm") and then put a formula to convert it into minutes,

    Try it,


    I could do it myself

    Hi Guys,

    sorry for disturbing you guys without trying much myself,

    I have got the solution myself and thought should share it with you,

    Please see the solution sheet,


    Use Replace function

    Here is a simpler way to do this,

    Just select the data, and say Ctrl+H ( For value replacement)

    In find what? give a space by clicking spacebar,

    In replace with- dont give anything and Click"Replace All",

    the spaces will be removed,

    hope it works,


    This is great

    Hi Bill,

    Lovely!!!! this is great. This is really wonderful and I think i can now work on this.

    However it has one shortcoming and i am sure u can help me with that.

    In the Pivot you just sent, if i drag sex down and NAME UP, it doesn't work,

    I think you can give me a solution for this also.

    Thanks a ton,


    Complex example

    Hi Bill,

    This one could be a tougher example,

    In the Pivot table now we have two marks column- Marks and Marks 2.

    ( We can also have marks 3 and mark4 all having different codes).

    NO if i try to play around with the table say- move Sex don, or name up or age up to the page, it disturbs the complete conditional format.

    I need something whereby whatever i do with the pivot, the should identify the fields and apply the conditional code.

    Or let me put it this way- In the sheet attached, i have set the format on th e cells. I want to give it to the whole filed say- marks and marks2 and not specific cells.

    One more case could be when i append data. When i append some data the pivot tables become longer and then the coding doesn't apply to those cells.
    For that i might have to give the code for the whole column.

    Please tell me if we can give the code for the Field(heading) and not the cells.



    Hi Bill,

    I am extremely sorry that you felt bad, I had no motive to hurt you.

    To be very frank your example has given me an idea to solve the problem and i am thankful to you for that,


    No it does not

    No This one does not help me. Actually this is a much simpler example.

    In my sheets, i have 5-7 such columns and all have different code.

    In that a situation that does not work and does not give me flexibility i need.

    For example in the shheet you have sent, If i take Age to the Page and then, drop doen the SEX i.e now the pivot table will show- SEX then NAME and then Marks, the whole conditional code goes off and gets applied to Name as well,

    I need a much more flexible option,

    Please help


    Hi All,

    One thing which is trobling me for a long time.
    Is is possible to give DYNAMIC conditional coding in Excel.
    i.e I should be able to set a conditional format for a "Field" and not specific cell.

    Please tell me ASAP if Dynamic Coding is anyhow possible,

    Thanks in advance,

    Rajeevg :?


    select the date ( Or the cloumn which contains the date), From the menu bar select>> "Text to Column"- Select first option> "Delimited", Click "Next" and once again" Next". Here you will get an option at - right top corner which states " column data format". here click date and select the date format you want to see. click finish,

    this will work, have a nice day

    Rajeev Gupta