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    Re: Loop does not work well

    Re: Notify new data has been added

    i am sure there will be an application or even table based event you could use to trigger a macro to launch an email from MS Access but in reality I would say it's more likely that this would be simpler from the web page

    What is the web page coded in and does the web server has access to an smtp mailserver?

    Re: IF expressions in select query

    i don't have MS access on my desktop but you would something along the lines of

    select iif(assigned_to="",'Unassigned',iif(completion_date="","Open","Closed")) as result from table group by 1

    obviously you may need to amend the syntax depending on whether or not you're using NULLs etc

    NOTE the IIF is not a typo - MS have kindly avoided allowing you to use IF in MS Access.

    Re: Search all mail item folders and subfolders

    well it's limited to subfolders of inbox here:

    Set MyFolder = myNamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)

    it will only loop subfolders of MyFolder so you want to change MyFolder to the default Personal Folders

    in Win2K I think it's something like Mailbox - Name of User so let's presume that name of user is Joe Bloggs.. so I would use something like

    Above uses fl instead of MyFolders and would just set default folder as mailbox - so then just loop subfolders of fl.

    should work.

    Re: JOIN & Max query

    I tested this and it worked for me...

    SELECT, a.complete as lastofcomplete, a.[submitted by] as lastofsubmittedby, a.[date submitted] as maxofdate_submitted, b.region as region
    FROM tblstatus AS a, tblsites AS b
    WHERE 1=1 
    and a.[date submitted] = (select max(c.[date submitted]) from tblstatus c where =
    ORDER BY 5,1;

    Re: TOP statement and order by

    where are you using the resulting recordset? ie is it possible for you to merge the recordsets together (ie run as separate queries) - easy is .net etc...

    Re: Roundup in sql

    if you're trying to do this on the basis of the row index of the record this will also be dependent upon which db you are using (MySQL, Access etc...)

    And are you saying you want this to be a valid field in your db or a value in a retrieved recordset?

    Re: Save attachment as

    Hmm, interesting ... one way would be to distribute some OL VBA to the recipients that would force the save on the attachment (of specific name).

    For an add-in why is the path so important? Can they not just browse to wherever they saved it and load it that way?

    (and am presuming that recipients do not have access to the same file directory...)

    Re: New Use to SQL Server / ASP

    Hi Barry - sorry to hear you've been dropped in the deep end but we all start somewhere eh?

    Hard to explain the whole asp thing in a brief synopsis but here goes:

    ASP does not have error handlers... and I don't use the product you mention so have nae idea on that front I am afraid... what I tended to do in the past was use response.write all the way down for each bit - that way I could tell what had worked and what had not ... when it bugged out

    As for server/client side - most ASP will be client side

    You can determine when you're using server side as you will probably find references to ADO - recordsets and connections ...

    If you wanted you could post a small sample of one of your pages and we could have a look and add commentary to try to explain what it's doing - obviously change any sensitive connection stuff....

    Re: Calculating Between Variable Dates

    I think you mean so that if I entered 01/12/01 in A1 then it would be years between 01/04/02 and today - correct?

    Try something like

    I think... this is what you mean


    My guess is there's a better formula than this...

    Re: select cell event

    use the selection change event in the Worksheet code

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    If Target.Row = 2 And Target.Column = 13 Then
        MsgBox "hello"
    End If
    End Sub

    Re: Save attachment as

    2 Qs

    1. Mail being received or mail being sent - guessing with the button it's the latter...
    2. What type of file (.xls etc)

    Re: MS Query or ADO

    Luke's opinion...

    MS Query sucks, isn't great for variables and is Slooooooooooooooow.

    ADO way to go.

    (It rhymes so it must be true).

    Re: New Use to SQL Server / ASP

    Aye - I would be willing to offer a hand here and there.

    I am a confused hybrid of open source... that is to say I too use MySQL db but code in or though did a lot of stuff in asp 3.0 too...

    My company is too tight to use SQL Svr but is free if you're happy to use the free tools....

    On aside Will - have you tested out the new 4.1 Server? Not bad on the old sub query thing - v5 will do the stored procedures apparently... fingers crossed.

    Re: Double Lookup

    This is assuming your values in Column A are unique.. if not you will need a bit more coding to go through each possible combo of A & B to your textbox values

    eg of simple method assuming A is unique and in order... (if not switch from MATCH to VLOOKUP)

    Note - untested... and if syntax errors apologies - have been immersed in aspx for the last 100 years (or at least that's how it feels)