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    I was wondering if something was possible.

    If I make a list on a sheet in cel B3 through the option " Data Validation", and fill it for example with the options "test;test1;test2"
    would it be possible to make userform that reads the list options in cell B3, show them in the userform and be able to add or remove an option?
    So if you want to remove the option "test2" you can do that from within the userform, same if you want to add a option.

    I know you can have a reference to a range of cells, but I want to know if it is possible?

    Thank you.


    I have a question, because I have a problem regarding a VBA code

    I found a code that does only partially what I want.
    I'm trying to highlight dates that are equal or lower then the current date (this date is on a different sheet, called Setup and the date is in cell "F3")
    If there is no date in the range given no formatting should take place.
    And only the range given should be highlighted, and not the rows in between the range.

    Can somebody assist me with this problem, it would be highly appreciated.

    The Code:


    I have a little problem with a code i'm using.

    I have 6 workbooks and one main workbook.
    The 6 workbooks are filled in by 6 different people, this is nto a problem.
    The main workbook is opened when a meeting starts, and with a click on a button all the info from the 6 other workbooks are put in the main sheet. This works pretty good, but with a few flaws.

    The cells that people fill in those 6 workbooks are merged cell ( for example G5:AA5 ), and that data is being copied to the main workbook also in merged cells ( for example G32:AA32 )
    All goes wel as long people stay within the width of the merge cells, if they go outside the width of the merge cells i get an error in the code. That happens also when they use ALT+Enter.

    I know working with merged cells is not the best option within excel, but can't yet find a different solution.

    The fix i like to have : copy the data in the main workbook, in the merged cells, without problems if the cell value is bigger then the merged cells.
    Hope somebody can help me.

    The codes I use are also found on boards, so credits goes to those people.

    The code for collecting the data:

    The code in a module to get the data from one workbook: the row giving a problem is commented

    Thanks for the assist.