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    I modified this online code and have come thus far which works for me by extracting attendees from a given category and saving it on sharepoint excel. However it does not entirely do what I need.

    Question: How to run this macro on one specific calendar event that is known to start at a given time (09:00) for 1Hr and with a known string in the subject "weekly meeting"?.

    Nice to have: How to count Accepted, Declined, Not Responded including the 'Required Attendees' as accepted.

    How to highlight a row and its previous row for every blank cell in a column

    I could only highlight the row containing the blank cell, but not the row above this. Help with my code. Offset doesn't seem to work for me in this scenario.

    Sub ConditionalFormatter()
    With Range([F3], [F65536].End(xlUp)).EntireRow
       .FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:= _
       .FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 6
    End With
    End Sub

    Re: Auto filter multiple columns matching with searched headers

    Thanks Jack,

    No luck with this yet... might be some tuning required.

    In cell A1, your formula did not return anything and I guess you wanted me to use this instead: "=FIND("locale",A$3)<>0" not A$1 now I got TRUE on matching columns.

    Also I guessed the formula in indicator p4 has to be copied across the column and I did to see nothing again. No true values to filter. What can be done here??

    Simple one but tricky.. Help me in doing this:

    Lets say I have 6 columns out of 15 with part of the header text as "locale". Now I want the macro to find all those 6 columns by searching "locale" in row A1 for headers and filter the columns with 2 criteria (equals "en" OR "blank")

    For example sheet1 has:

    A1-Code1 A2-Bx Locale A3-Code2 A4-Locale
    B1-32432 B2-fr B3-435634 B4-ar
    C1-36546 C2-en C3-67854 C4-"blank"
    D1-65875 D2-"blank" D3-6532 D4-dh

    After the macro it has to be:

    A1-Code1 A2-Bx Locale A3-Code2 A4-Locale
    C1-36546 C2-en C3-67854 C4-"blank"
    D1-65875 D2-"blank" D3-6532 D4-dh

    Any code please....

    Thanks in advance...

    Re: Macro to search with all values of a column then copy paste for matching

    This code works for right columns, but I wanted for left columns.

    Dear Friends,

    This seems to be very simple question but could not find any solution in other forums.

    Assume I have 1st WB with all data stored in sheet1 from A to H columns.
    Now lets say 2nd WB in sheet1 with only column A data.

    In 1st WB column E has values (not in order) incl duplicates and blanks few of them matching with column A in 2nd WB.

    Now my VB code should help me for each matching value starting from A1 in 2nd WB with E:E in 1st WB, it should copy the values of 3 adjacent columns (leaving one) to the left and paste it after the matched value in 2nd WB in Col B, C & D.

    Eg: If 2nd WB A1 matches with 1st WB E40 value then C40, B40 & A40 has to be copied to B1, C1 & D1 in 2nd WB. This should continue until the last value in the col A of 2nd WB.

    My code works 99% but instead copies F40, G40 & H40 to target columns. Below is my code but I was experimenting with some other similar test data having in the same workbook but different worksheets.

    Note: Vlookup might not work here because there is huge lot of filtered data which cannot work in this case.

    My example file for reference and please suggest the right code...