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    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Confirm that by deleting, saving, closing and re-opening, the bar does not pop up.

    Are you thinking of creating an add-in that says ...on workbook open, if _ReviewingToolsShownOnce is in the custom properties, then delete it

    ....or (possibly) simpler ..On open hide Reviewing toolbar ?


    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Greetings Cell Master,

    Compared the two and you are correct...the pre-tweak version has custom properties,
    _AdHocReviewCycleID; _EmailSubject; _AuthorEmail; _AuthorEmailDisplayName and _ReviewingToolsShownOnce

    The latter seems the offending item. (has no 'value' and type of 'text')

    Hope this helps.


    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Hi Jack,

    Quicker than I thought .....I got a colleague to send me an e-mail with XLS, and reviewing toolbar appeared as expected.

    Then I talked him through the change and got him to send another e-mail with a workbook. This time NO reviewing toolbar (yippee).

    So whilst not a complete fix, it will cut down the amount of occassions.

    If you can get further with this, that would be fantastic.


    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Hi Jack,

    e-mailed myself, with a sheet that was causing a pop-up today, and no review toolbar appeared. (Bearing in mind that I tweaked my system, as per Richie's fix).

    Then, put the Outlook back to how it was and sent myself another e-mail with the same workbook, and review bar ......hmmm.

    Could the fact I've opened it earlier have changed something?.......

    I think I'll get a colleague to send me a file tomorrow and then try him with the 'fix' and see if that makes a difference. ....might be mid-day before I can post again.

    Thanks for your support

    Have a good evening.


    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Wow ...thanks for all the replies guys ....this little 'niggle' is certainly touching some nerves.

    I am using Outlook 2002. I have tweaked the option that you pointed to Richie, thanks, but after testing it must need those sending to set this for me not to have the pop up.

    I can cut down on the number of times this happens, as there are a lot of regular 'senders', but not all.

    Agree with Jack, I would be grateful of knowing a 'one time fix', along with some of my colleagues.

    Many thanks


    Re: Prevent Review Toolbar starting Automatically

    Thanks pangolin,

    I had been there thanks ...but it's not fixing the problem...all the time anyway ......some workbooks open fine without the Reviewing Toolbar popping up ....but others do.

    This particularly happens with Workbooks I haven't opened before (i.e. from emails) ...And as I'm opening about 50 plus a week, this is why it's a niggle!

    Any further help out there appreciated.


    Re: Exported Report to be split across sheets

    Hi Alan,

    Yes thanks, very aware of exporting Access reports to other packages, like Excel and Word, don't look the same.

    These reports get sent to external people that do not have Excel, whom are then using the information as part of other Workbooks. The request is to have the data split by the product or customer (depending on the report).

    This is being carried out manually at the moment and I hoped there was an easy way of doing this from Access .....if you have another method, that would be great. ...I suppose I could look at a macro in Excel once data has been exported .....but I'm trying to keep the KISS principle in mind.


    Re: Formatting Chart Tables

    Hi Andy,

    Appreciate the reply.

    The A-Z order, I thought would be the same as input, indeed going back to the series order it is how I want it, but the third data set is appearring at the end of the data table....

    I think I will look to use your cell method.

    Many thanks



    Using Charts with the option of a chart table. Two questions:

    1 - How can I format the numbers in the table?

    2 - How can I sort the table's row Names (simply A-Z)?

    Thanks for any help


    Re: Exported Report to be split across sheets

    Thanks Norie, I had read this post before submitting mine, but as I couldn't work out how to fit it in with what I'm doing (as it's a bit beyond where I am in Access), even though in a similar area.

    The Report is in the right format, I was hoping there was a quick way of creating a macro, like using "Output To" as I normally do, to achive the result.

    If you think that this is the only way to achieve this, then I'll have to re-think.


    I have some reports that show data by product type, where it starts a new product per page or data by Customer, where it starts a new customer per page....all of which is fine.

    What I would like to do is export the reports to Excel and for each product, the results appear on a different worksheet, with the 'tab' being the product name (rather than all on one sheet with excel grouping) ...similar with the Customer one.

    edit: thanks WillR, should have been more explicit these are Access reports

    Hopefully, this makes sense!!


    Re: DSUM trouble

    Thanks Derk, I think the posts went in at about the same time.

    Whilst I tried your version, I couldn't get further with it I ended up with my alternative, which was a find & replace style macro, which added a dot after the groups with single names, like Customer.

    As this is a monthly sheet, it changes all those problems on the active sheet in under a second...

    Appreciate you help though.

    Hope you have a great day 'across the pond'!!!


    Re: DSUM trouble

    Thanks Shades....the thought had crossed my mind, but those were examples of a huge sheet containing some 6,000 similar variations.

    I suppose getting VBA to check if there is only one word, then add a suffix, is an option, but I was hoping to keep the data untouched, and just use formulars/functions to analyse it.


    Re: DSUM trouble

    Hi Derk,

    Thanks for the quick reply!!

    tried "=Customer" in the criteria and got #N/A ......tried ="Customer" ....and got 80 ......then tried =Customer and got #NAME?

    Is there a way of altering the formula?



    I'm using the DSUM function which I thought was working well, but it has a slight floor.


    The DSUM looks in my database sheet called "JUL04" and sums data in Column F, if they meet criteria on my set up sheet (O4:Q5) me DSUM(JUL04!B5:AG65536,JUL04!F5,O4:Q5).

    Now, the criteria includes customer names similar to Customer, Customer 1, Customer 2 etc

    Lets say Customer Qty = 10, Customer 1 qty = 20 and Customer 2 qty = 50

    Users are picking criteria from a drop down box.

    If the users picks Customer 2, then it returns 50 ...fantastic
    Similarly, if the user picks Customer 1, then it returns 20.

    My problem is with the Criteria of Customer, as it returns 80 ....almost as if the criteria was Customer*

    And so to the question...

    ....after all the intro, is there a way to get Customer to return qty as 10?

    Thanks in advance for any help



    Can't find how to do this and hope someone can help.

    I'm sending out a workbook to some European Directors, from the UK, and some are saying that the formats for dates / numbers are not right.

    Whilst I could create a button for so that the dates change to mm/dd/yy format (rather than the dd/mm/yy in the UK) and numbers have dots instead of commas, for 'thousands & millions' there a way that I can set this so on opening Excel checks some "international version" setting and updates accordingly??

    Thanks in advance