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    Re: Find Key Word in Col A, Select Content, Paste Consecutively on Newly Added Sheet

    Hi ChrisOK

    Try this Code in the attached...CTRL + x will fire the Code.

    With regard to the Column Alignments, how far out do the "TIV" Numbers go? What are they?

    Re: Allocate Values from a range into columns under corresponding Months

    Hi V

    This Code in the attached appears to resolve this...


    1) All the production stages do not fall in consecutive months...for example. Stage2 is in Month2, but Stage3 falls in Month4. (there is a 2 month gap between stage2 & stage3). So if Stage2 Falls under Mar-17, then Stage3 will need to fall under May-17.

    2) Stage9 and Stage10 , both fall under Month10. So, combined value of Stage9 & stage10 needs to be shown in the same Month i.e. Month10.

    The other "Wants" should probably be the subject of a new Thread. You may PM a Link to your new Thread if you wish.

    Re: Allocate Values from a range into columns under corresponding Months

    Hi V

    Try this Code in the attached. Open the File to Sheet "CashFlow". Ctrl + x will file the Code.

    Re: Convert formulas to text only on certain or multiple sheets at once

    Hi Dummy77

    I happen to have the Code in my Tool's not that difficult...see attached.

    In Module2

    Option Explicit
    Sub Show_Form()
       UserForm1.Show vbModeless
    End Sub

    In Userform1 Code

    Re: Userform field changes not detected when userform invoked from userform

    Hi wjwestcott

    You'll probably need to play with this a bit...add this Code to the frmCalculator Module.

    Re: Convert My Formulas to Code Version

    Hi structo

    This Code in the attached will deal with Columns K -> O. See if you can apply the Code to Columns P -> X.

    CTRL + x will fire the Code. Need help let me know.

    Re: VB code to protect data without locking whole workbook & grouping sheets within s

    Hi Ray

    This Code is in the ThisWorkbook Module...

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
         With Worksheets("Sheet1")
             .EnableSelection = xlUnlockedCells
             .EnableOutlining = True
             .Protect UserInterfaceOnly:=True
         End With
     End Sub

    And this Code is in Sheet1 Code Module...

    Try it...see if it does as required.

    Re: BeforeDoubleClick

    Hi Heinrich

    Perhaps this...

    Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
       If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
       If Target.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
       Select Case Target.Column
       Case 1, 2, 3, 4
       End Select
    End Sub

    Re: BeforeDoubleClick

    Hi Heinrich

    This assumes your Worksheet Names are in Column 1.

    Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
       If Not Target.Column = 1 Then Exit Sub
    End Sub

    Re: VBA Excel UserForm "Update" Current Record

    Hi Bette

    Your UPDATE EVENT CODE button is firing other Code Change Events and you need to prevent those from firing. Updated Code is in the attached.

    In Module3 add this line of Code...

    Public Flag         As Boolean   '<---Add this Line of Code
    Sub Button2_Click()
    End Sub

    In Module HOSTED_EVENTS add the three indicated lines of Code to Private Sub UpdateEvent_Click...

    Then in Private Sub SearchEventName_Change() add the indicated Line of Code...

    [Private Sub SearchEventName_Change()
       Dim ws           As Worksheet
       Dim lastrow      As Long
       Dim C            As Range
       If Flag = True Then Exit Sub  '<---Add this Line of Code
       Set ws = Worksheets("DATA")
       With ws

    Re: Aggregating Monthly Tabs - Variable # of Rows

    Hi ekfasy

    The attached file has a Dynamic Named Range in Sheet "Lists" titled "Sales_Persons". Please make certain ALL your Sale Persons are included on that list and that the Spelling of the names is consistent throughout the Workbook.

    The Code relies on this Named Range to go through each Monthly report to extract the records of each Sales Person and accumulates the persons records to YTD.

    This Code is in the File...CTRL + x will fire the Code.

    Re: VBA Code to Insert PAge Breaks

    Hi jhabey

    I must be missing something as your Code appears to work as expected. I did add a couple lines of Code to set the Top and Bottom Margins to get this distribution...


    page 1 you would have all of Ale House, Acfa, AHCI, CHS, BENE H, and BCare
    page 2 you would have, Bfuel, C Inst, CFDIS, CM and CO

    Edit: What version of Excel are you using?