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    Re: Access workbook from another workbook

    Hi San

    This can be done but it's not in my personal toolbox.


    1. I do not want to open the file. In other words, I want to simply perform the "CountIf ..." operation on the other file without opening it.

    To me, this sounds like a UDF and is beyond the scope of this Thread.


    I can call this function from a cell and assign this value to it

    I'd suggest you start a new Thread for these issues and make sure your Thread Title is descriptive of your requirements.

    Re: Access workbook from another workbook

    Hi San

    Try this (tested)...modify the Sheet Name as required.

    Re: Access workbook from another workbook

    Hi San

    Don't can try this

    Dim wb1          As Workbook
       Dim NumOccurances As Long
       With Sheets("Your Sheet Name Here")   '<---Modify Sheet Name
          NumOccurances = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(.Range("G:G"), "f")
          MsgBox NumOccurances
       End With

    Re: Filtering Data with between dates using a userform

    Hi nobby

    Using your UserForm try this

    Re: Automaticly hide rows based on cell value

    Hi Martin



    Board policy is that solution are not given for School/College/Other Training courses, but suggestions can be...

    I'd consider using a Select Case Statement in your ComboBox Code. Depending on the Amortization Period Selected you would Hide (or Un Hide) the appropriate Rows. I'd suggest further that you Hide (or Un Hide) the entire Range at one time rather than iterating through the Cells...perhaps like this

    Range(""D30:D77").EntireRow.Hidden = True

    Re: Combining 2 macros into 1

    hi cartica

    Were I you I'd not combine them...they're performing two distinct functions. I'd simply add a line of Code to PositionRec that Calls CreateSumif_Reference() like so