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    Re: Macro/method to scrub columns automatically from a daily report

    Hi Steve

    Let me play with it a bit...the code I'll present to you will delete all columns EXCEPT those you've listed. For the moment it'll be a stand alone macro...we'll need to figure out how to work it into your stream of things. May be tonight...have other duties for a while.

    Re: Generate report/Move info from one sheet to another in VBA

    Hi Albertvv

    I wasn't able to sort out your code. This code is in the attached and appears to do as you require


    Re: Transposing inputs from a user form Data to 65 seperate sheets in same work book.

    Hi nm766

    Yes, this is possible and no, you probably don't need to duplicate the same code for 65 sheets.

    1. How many sheets are in the workbook?
    2. Does the data get written to the same location on each of the 65 sheets?
    3. What are the sheet names that DON'T get the new data?

    Can you post a sample of your workbook (not all 65 plus sheets of course)?
    If not, post the code you have thus far to write the data to the sheets.