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    Re: formula cell hide and unhide

    Here's an option (sorry, I'm not good enough at VBA to write it):

    User Option 1: If user chooses to input the start time and end time, then the cell that contains the formula that calculates total hours could be locked upon entering the values into those two cells.

    User Option 2: If user chooses to enter the total hours, then, upon clicking the Total Hrs. cell, a message box will pop-up telling user something like, "If you enter a value in this cell, you are opting not to enter a start time and end time. Do you want to proceed?" If user chooses Yes, then user is allowed to enter a value into the cell, and the start time and end time cells would be locked automatically. This would prevent user from entering conflicting start and end times whose difference do not equal the total hours amount that user entered.

    Hope that helps... If any of that is even feasible...

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    Hello, all. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I'll try to explain this as best as possible. We run AS/400, and the data is stored on a DB2 server. Where can I find information that will lead me through the steps of getting the data from of the server into pre-formatted Excel worksheets? I'd like changes on the server to reflect 'real-time' in Excel if possible.

    I need a book, or something of the like, that will speak to me in plain English -if such a tool even exists. Do I really need a book to learn how to do this? I'm finding it difficult using the Internet to get even the most basic information about this. Any information would be very helpful!


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    Re: format returns to date

    Sorry, Blaine; I jumped the gun. I only tried what I said to do with "04/04" and it returned the correct format. With other dates it does not work. I'll figure something out here in a minute --unless someone beats me to it.

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    Re: Copy Paste data from one file to 3 files

    No apology necessary, Batman. Dansoo had posted the query on the wrong forum, which is why he/she was apparently not getting a response. That message was moved to the Excel/VBA forum, so I was hoping that someone with more VBA experience than I --like yourself-- would answer it on there. Have a good one, friend.

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    Excellent. Thanks, you two, for the help. I now see what I was doing wrong. But, Derk, I actually would like the formula to be invisible in the cell; that is, I'd like it to be functionable. Do I have to write in the VBA that I want the string (the formula) written in the formula bar or something? I tried to simply delete the tick mark in quotes and the ampersand and I get an error. Thanks again for the help.

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    Hello, friends.

    Below is some code that I wrote in order to insert cell formulas into my worksheet:

    Well, it's not working. When I debug, it's telling me that the problem is with the "ActiveCell" line, but I don't know how to fix it. I know that this is very simple, but I'm a newbie. Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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    Will, I hope I haven't wasted your time, friend. A132, A273, and A414 were only examples to show you the increment involved. There are actually thousands of rows in the real worksheet and I was looking for a way to not have to input the position of each cell in the code (Range("A132, A272, ..., An")). I've found a way to accomplish what I wanted to do by copying and pasting; now I'm wondering if there is a better (maybe even faster compile-time-wise) way to do this. Thanks so much for your assistance, Will!

    Here's the code that I have:

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    Thanks, Will, for the help. I need the user to input the state only once into the InputBox, however, and then that one state will reflect in all of the cells specified. I didn't make it clear that the same state needs to be input into each of the cells --as opposed to a different state in each one. Thanks again, Will.

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