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    thanks chas, but I was looking for right/left alignment of certain parts of a msgbox. The closest i've found is vbMsgBoxRight, which aligns everything to the right. If it is possible, here is an example of what I'm looking for in the msg box. (without the hyphens)
    next title---------Date
    third title---------Date

    the dates would be aligned and the titles would be aligned left.
    I've tried using spaces by counting characters in strings, but of course, each letter is of a different width. Is there code out there that can do that? Thanks a lot!

    Hi there

    to sum it all up i need to print out an array in a msgbox with an unknown number of values

    Heres my problem
    I have an array that of size, say 30, but at certain times only 12 or 20 of them have values (in indices 1-12 or 1-20). I need to print it out in a msgbox, but I've no idea how to do it. Is it possible to put a for loop in a msgbox function? Or maybe there is a different, better way to do it? The reason I have a msgbox is because once you click on a point in a chart the msgbox pops up with info, which is what i need.

    Thanks in advance


    ok thanks for all the replies.

    I'll try and familiarize myself with macros

    also I ran across something else. I was thinking of creating autoshapes and then attaching comments and a cell reference to is. Is there some code that can draw up a popup when the button is clicked?

    Anyways yea I need to go learn me some macros =] Thanks a lot.


    Hey Jong

    Thanks for the reply, but there are still a few things that are cloudy to me, or rather, a lot of things.

    Perhaps my explanation was unclear, but what I was looking for was an actual pop-up that can display a lot of formatted text, whereas a comment box can display so much.

    You had suggested that I make the chart an image, and had generously supplied the code as well =]. Thanks, but I don't see how I can use the image, not to mention that I don't know how to make the image even with the code you have provided (I am new to macros,vba). Even with an image, I had wanted to had each bar in a bar graph display different text as a popup from various cells, and I'm not sure how an image can help. Is this what mapping is for? If so, please guide me through how to make the chart an image and map it. lol sorry as you can see I am pretty (as in completely) new.

    Thanks for replying!


    I am basically brand new to VBA and excel please keep that in mind. If the solution lies in either of those, if you would be kind enough to show me that would be greatly appreciated. I am just creating a bar graph with some values. Is it possible to display a comment or text from a cell if I mouse over or click one of the bars? I was basically looking for a popup like a comment.

    More importantly, is it possible to create a pop-up of some sort when a bar is clicked, so it displays text from different cells combined. Like under column A on the spreadsheet I have values in A1, A2, A4, A5, representing titles. Then there is another column corresponding to each cell, in maybe E1, E2, E4, and E5, outlining a description. The popup would then pop up and display the title followed by a : and then the description, in paragraph format. So for instance the popup would display:
    |title(A1): description(E1)
    |title2(A2): description(E2)

    If a popup is not viable then a display mechanism like a comment would also work.
    I hope it is clear what I am trying to do. Please take notice that I need each bar to display text in certain cells, each varying from bar to bar.

    Thanks in advance