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    Re: Using Shellexecute to start a program


    Thank you Norie, your a great man. Sol

    Yes i had problem with MrExcel site yesterday, i taught it was another problem that i had. I was in hurry to solution that one. First time that i post on multiple forum. I had to be up and running fast. Did learn my lesson.

    I did found the solution witch consist to give Excel an administrator right also.

    1- Right click on Excel icon, select compatibility, Priviledge level, execute as an administrator
    2- close and re-open Excel
    3- From the opened Excel page, load the worksheet
    4- Since my Excel worksheet was starting two others .exe application, i did give them also the administrator right in their property.

    et voila

    I did found that Starting directly my worksheet with is icone ( next to Excel in start menu), won't work as my worksheet will not get is administrator right



    How can i use ShellExecute command to start an application. Since the application as to be run in administrator mode, i suppose that i need to pass a Vbyes parameter to the comnmand line. When started manualy, Windows open a secutity box and ask if i approved it.

    The application is use for a text capture process
    name is: Hypersnap6.exe
    Directory: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Hypersnap 6\"

    I did use before the shell() command, but it doesn't work anymore when the targeted application is under administrator mode

    Any help appreciated

    Montreal, Canada