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    Sorry, wrong title. Not trying to set print area, just a named range.
    Anyone know what's wrong?

    Dim Ptype As Long
        Ptype = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row
        Range("A1" & Ptype).Select
        Selection.Name = "ProjectType"

    It always names one cell only as my named range.

    I have code that is as follows, is there anyway that I can use this to set the print area also?

    Re: Formula referencing wrong cell

    I think what you are doing is changing where the value will come from, rather than change the reference. I think what I need to do is change sBook from equaling the ActiveCell, but I'm not sure. What I need is the formula that is entered in B2 to have the sBook to equal A2, sFilePath to equal D2, B3 to have the sBook to equal A3, sFilePath to equal D3, and so on and so forth. Make sense???

    This does almost exactlly what I want. The one problem that I have is that the active cell remains B1 as it enters the formula in the rest of column B. I need it to refer to the row that it is entering the formulas; meaning each formula entered in B2,3,4, etc. is still referencing cells A1 & D1 for sBook & a sFilePath.

    Re: Reference cell "C2" from hyperlinked file

    Glen - well, the cell itself just looks like "Cameron 5".
    I do however know the path of the link and through concatenate can join "Cameron 5" to the full path if that helps.

    Dave - Unless I'm mistaken, that appears as though it retrieves the address rather than information within the file.

    Re: Import Text from .doc

    Well, copy and paste say, the first 3 lines is great. The problem is, I'm not sure how to dow that. Also, the reason why the cell is corresponding has to do with the job name. For instance, a file called "abc" needs to get pasted next the cell that says "abc". Make sense...hopefully?

    I'd like to copy the first few rows of text from a .doc file and paste it into a corresponding cell. A hyperlink to the . doc file will be located on another sheet if that can help find the file location. Any ideas???