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    try to replace the decimal character. if "." => ",", if "," => "." before you take the value.

    (Use replace () function)

    It could be that Vb sees the decimal as thousands seperator.


    Ok I see, that's indeed a lot more difficult.
    I 'm not familiar with the method you use.

    Another thing you could try is this:

    "'" & Information & "'"

    Try this also for the Person-variable.

    I don't know if this helps, but it's the only other notation I know for strings.


    If you want to check if the combination "SIN" is in a string(beginning, ending, middle, ...)


    intPosition = InStr(1, strstring, "SIN")

    If it's in the beginning of the string => result 1
    If it's not in the string => result 0



    look at this

    MsgBox "The Custom Sheet contains the " & strst1 & "Information " & str2 & " information for " & str2 & " Person " & strstring3 & ".", vbOKOnly, "Custom Sheet Selected"

    It is not exact the same as your example, but you now should be able to use the strings and text correctly.

    Hope this helps,



    welcome to ozgrid.

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly but you want to select a text-file from a listbox and than you want to see the data of that opened file in another listbox?

    => you should use a rich-text box for that and not a listbox

    (right click on the toolbox) Additional controls - microsoft richtextbox control...
    set the properties of scrollbars on both

    To show the data of a text-file, just use this code:

    RichTextBox.Filename = "c:\test.txt"

    Hope this helps.



    could you post an example or upload an attachement, would be helpful.

    I can already say one thing: when you want pause in a certain code and than execute another and than back where you've stopped... I don't think it's possible(perhaps it is), I think you can only make some stops at certain points but not on every line.



    I'm not sure this is what you are looking for but see the attachement.
    When you press the button the macro creates 3 files.

    I hope this helps you starting.



    the code I wrote is written in Vb 6.0, you also can use this in VBa. I don't think you understood the solution I gave. The user doesn't have to create a template everytime. You just create 1 excel where the data is written to when the user executes the "experiment".

    Why are you using Excel to write logs to? As you noticed it's slow, the fastest way that I know is the method I 've described(if using excel). If you are filling cell by cell ... slow(this is a standard method).

    To answer on you question(see also attachement):

    You should be able to adapt the code(built in a loop, use "." instead of ",", ...), this is the basic.

    Hope this helps to solve the problem.



    if you want to use excel as logger => it is slower and if I understand correctly you are going to have a lot of records. You are also limited(can't go on forever).

    The best thing you can do is using a text-file or an database(SQL, access, ...) and then using SQL-statement to add records.

    If you really want to use excel I know another method but I don't know if it's fast enough. You make an excel template, name the range of a sheet for example two columns "tblData" and save the file. Now, you can use the excel-file like a database.

    Use ADO to add records:

    I didn't test this but you should be able to adapt the code.



    first of all welcome to the forum.

    If I understand correctly: you want to create a file from every record where the date of column O is equal to the date of today?

    You want to use text-files, you can do that but if you don't know much of VBa I would prefer an Excel template. So you create a new workbook with the same data as the text-file using columns. Save this for example as sampleTemplate.xls.(Will be easier to work with)

    Now comes the hard part: you have to make a loop that checks every record and if a record is found => you have to copy(take) the values to the template. After filling in the template you can safe the file.

    (So first step make an exceltemplate, that's my opinion)