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    Re: Connect To As400 And Export Data


    it's a little mix you've made I think.
    Here's a basic structure:

    Hope this helps.

    Hello everybody,

    since a week I use Excel2003 and I've noticed something strange.
    When I open a file in excel and I close it without closing excel-application, the file remains open in the Vba-background.

    This is not a big problem but when I reopen the file I get 2 versions in the Vba-explorer. This continues until I close the whole excel-application. So everytime I reopen the file the vba-explorer adds a new version...

    Is somebody familiar with this? Is this normal or is this a bug?

    Thanks for the feedback.


    Re: Populating combobox


    this should do the trick, check the example attached.

    Re: Populating combobox

    Yes this is possible,

    but you should'nt use the manual entries additem "..."

    You should write a little program that adds all values of col A. I'll take a look at it and post back to you

    Re: Populating combobox


    I'm not sure what the problem is. If you add a new item, you can always refresh or reload your code to populate the combobox.

    Re: Printing access report with VB

    Like I said in previous post:

    error: unknow method....

    Anyway I found a solution that could work for me, I've specified a printer in the report of access. So If somebody prints that report with my program, the report is always printed on the specified printer.

    Thanks again for the replies.


    I want to print an access report with VB6.0. This works fine the only problem I have is that I can't seem to define the printer to print on, it always prints on the same printer. Somebody has any idea how to do this?

    Here's the code I have: