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    Hi all
    I'm doing a formula using SUMIF
    When the criteria in the formula is a date, it returns 0 Why ? I don't know
    My formula is

    D2 is a cell that have a date
    this formula results 0 value
    even though it returns correct values if D2 is not a date
    Hope I'm clear enough
    using office Excel 2003

    Re: Run a macro in three or more sheets at the same time

    Quote from Barb-B;648045

    Or, if you want to work only with some sheets in your workbook, and not others you could do something like this:

    For Each sht in Array(Sheets("Sheet1"), Sheets("Sheet3"), Sheets("fubar"))
            sht.Range("a1") = "Put something here"
        Next sht

    Hi Barb_B
    thanks for your try to help
    it Pops out a run time error 92
    for loop not initialized
    and yellow highlights >>> next sht

    Hi all I have a piece of code
    I want it to run in three sheets in my workbook at the same time
    I searched the forum and tried a lot but I couldn't do it
    Is there anyone could help ?
    Of course there are many
    My code is

    I have got this code from here
    The code is to password protect and unprotect a workbook in one go.
    When I enter a wrong password it gives an error message
    I want it to show a vba mesaage " Wrong Password " and go on.
    Thanks in advance
    the code is :

    Peace to you all
    I need a formula to execlude FRIDAYS from a serious of dates
    I mean
    to put a start date and copy it down without the Fridays
    Thanks in advance

    Peace to you all
    I have a code that looks for a number in a column
    The numbers in the column are not in the correct order

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    On Error GoTo 100
    Dim d
    Dim ra As Range
    [COLOR=red]Columns(2).Find(C, MatchCase:=True).Activate[/COLOR]
    A = MsgBox("Do you want to delete the data", 4)
    If A = 6 Then ActiveCell.EntireRow.Delete
    Exit Sub
    100 MsgBox ("Error")
    End Sub

    the problem is
    if I want to look for number ( 33 ) the code activates (332 )the first number that has 33
    Any help 'd be greatly appreciated

    Re: VBA macro simple adjust

    Hi PCI
    I tried your code but it selects the first Cell after the inserted rows
    But it helped me greatly to acheive my goal which is
    to select the first cell of the inserted rows
    I added this piece to yours

    ActiveCell.Offset(vRows - vRows + 1, 0).Select


    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

    Once again thanks soooooo much

    Peace to you all
    I have a macro to insert blank rows after the active cell . ("B6")
    for example
    It's OK
    What I need is
    to make the active cell after the insert to be
    the first cell after the first active cell ("B7")
    my macro is

    Peace to you all
    I already have a code to printpreview multiple ranges

    It printpreviews only the first Range ( C )
    I need it to print previews Ranges ( C ) and ( D ) or more in one page
    I hope I'm clear enough
    Any help'd be highly appreciated