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    Goodmorning Chris,
    I have to say that the kind of assistance I find here far exceeds any I've found in work situations--and this site is helping me to "love" my job as I can now resolve issues that frustrated me in the past.

    As an added bonus, this site is helping me stay one step ahead of my two teens (who were quickly leaving their mom in the dust behind them in computer technology). You all are my heros! :)

    Have a wonderful day!]

    Finding this site is an answer to prayer. I have so many ideas I think can enhance procedures for co-workers but was always hesitant because I didn't have enough knowledge to proceed with some complicated programs.

    Everyone here has been so kind and helpful. Responses are quick and easy to understand. I'm already making headroads into several areas I avoided in the past. The only down side?? I get so caught up in reading questions and responses here that twice I've been late to work! HA HA. Thanks again to everyone so very much.
    Terry :))

    Thank you Graham and Bruno. The product successfully printed. My remaining probelm is that the properties don't save. Is there a way to safe the print properties when sharing with other users?

    Thanks again for the quick and helpful responses.
    Terry :))

    Is there a way to have a Word document print in a booklet form?
    Example; have it print landscaped two columns to a page which can then be folded in half to form a booklet.
    And if so, do I have to manipulate display so that I can get page numbers at the bottom of each page and when folding after print it is in the right order (using duplex printing)?
    Finally, can I save the document so that print selection is maintained when sharing the document?
    Thanks for any help.
    Terry :)

    Mailmerge would work well if you used a lookup command for your customer list and then used IF statements inside your Word document.

    You can also customize your letter by using If/and/else statements to bring in groups of paragraphs based on a specific requirement.

    Good luck, Terry

    I was having a very similar problem and the only solution I found was to copy the excel spreadsheet and paste it into a word document. Then make that word document my data doc. It then merged the information properly on the Word main document.

    If there is a better solution, I'd be interested in getting opinions. Meanwhile, this causes an extra step, but it works.
    Terry :)

    Nevermind. I decided to remove the table and use If/and/else statements for headings and made this information free flow into the Word document. It looks good.
    Thanks anyway (in case anyone read and was reviewing).

    Goodmorning. I'm merging information from an Excel spreadsheet into a table in the middle of a Word document. Some times the information will take up the entire table (four columns and five rows long) and sometimes only one or two rows.

    Question: How do I get the Word document to display spacing for only one or two rows if the others are not used? I've removed the borders so the chart doesn't show, but it still leaves a blank space following the table before going on to the next paragraph.

    I tried using End Record/If Blank but it won't let me use that command inside the table.

    Thank you, Terry