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    I need some VBA code to delete excessive cell styles that is causing no one to be able to insert and sometimes paste new data into the file.

    I have tried to remove them manually, but for some odd reason Excel keeps telling me to unprotect the workbook even though it isn't protected. I am thus unable to remove them one by one.

    Thank you!

    #cellstyles #toomanycellformats


    I want users to be able to scroll top-down or sideways up to a certain point only.

    What is the VBA code to accomplish this?

    Let's say for example I want to limit scrolling from A to L rows 1 to 50 only.

    How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi. In my excel application window, another application installed its for-excel toolbar. it a bunch of custom buttons.

    for some reason, some of the buttons that were there before disappeared. is there a way i can add them back to the toolbar? i tried using "customize and right-click" but the toolbar isn't among the list of options in the left window that pops up. hence, i cannot drag the buttons i want to the toolbar area. what can be done? thanks in advance.


    I have a bunch of row numbers listed in one column on a worksheet. I would like Excel to show me the values of the cells associated with these row numbers and a certain column.


    I would like Excel to show me what is inside cells A1, A5, A6, A10, A33 in say another
    section the workbook. For argument's sake, let the results be shown in column A, rows 50-54. What formula do I use to do this?



    What is the difference between VB and I am used to programming in Excel in VB. Is used in Excel and other Office applications as well? If there was a beginner who wanted to learn how to manipulate Office applications, what would be better to learn? VB or and why? Thanks.

    Hi Can someone help me get this formula right.

    I have different accounts in the same folder. The formula I want to copy/fill down is the same for each row except for the name of the file/account of course. The names of the accounts are in one column. As I fill down the formula, I want Excel to lookup the account name in the matching row. I tried to use this, but Excel gives me an error:

    ='H:\Accounts\[MUM-' & B1 & 'Template FY2007.xls]MUMSY-  Sales Goal'!$AM$3

    Where B1 contains the account name.

    Thanks in advance.

    hi. i have two lists, each with the same columns, but different number of rows.

    i want to see if certain rows in one list match exactly to the other. how do i do that? i need to delete those that are duplicate.

    thanks in advance?

    Hi. I would like my macro to process a list.

    As it processes a value, I would like it to show the user the current name on the list and then after say a 5 second delay, move on to process the next name without having the user to click/do anything.

    Can someone help me setup the code?

    I though of using a msgbox but it requires you to click on OK. That doesn't work with me.

    Thanks in advance.

    hi. i am trying to use a public variable in different sub procedures

    This is my public variable (This_month):

    Public This_month As StringThis_month = "December"

    Then I have a sub that uses it.

    Sub repeat_me()msgbox This_monthEnd sub

    I get this error message:

    Compile error
    Invalid outside procedure

    How do I properly write the code?


    Hi. I have a macro that processes HTML pages I paste onto my worksheet. Whenever I paste the HTML contents, it brings along the drop down boxes and other stuff I don't need.

    In Excel, is there a script that goes through the entire worksheet and deletes any objects from the web? I only need the regular content that are in regular cells. I don't need all the other stuff and even the pics.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: subroutine keeps stopping

    hi rich

    ya it works fine now. actually it works fine at home, but not in the office. i am wondering if it is because the xl 2003 here only has sp1 installed.

    cuz it worked at home last night. i dont know what's wrong with the excel here.


    is there a way to suppress the error dialog box?

    i already used application.displayalerts and on error resume next
    but it keeps stopping and telling me
    that code execution has been interrupted.

    i cant figure out my code and just want the computer to ignore whatever error it found.