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    Re: Lost recent email, Outlook folders, addresses

    I think I may have to resort to this. It was more than a week ago. I have current information on my system that I will want to save. It's a variety of stuff; email, excell, word... etc. I'll move it all over to my slave drive. That will not be affected, right?

    Re: Changing Windows for client's program adjustment

    The program is pretty complicated. One report comes in a day and is cut up into 200+ separate workbooks. Each workbook accepts one designated line of information from the daily report each day. Over time, the 200+ workbooks become long Excell files of daily information.

    I am being asked to double space the 200+ workbooks. They like having room to make notes. :o)

    Re: Changing Windows for client's program adjustment

    Originally, I wrote the program in Windows 2000, got it to work and sent it to the client via email (they are in Palm Springs), but the program did not work. They had Windows '98 on their computers. I drove out there and upgraded their computers to 2000 and it worked fine.

    Today, I am assuming that my XP environment will not allow this VBA program to work... and if it does, the changes I make to the program would not translate when it goes back to their computer which is running Windows 2000.


    A couple years ago, I wrote a VBA program (with your help) for Exell using Windows 2000. I am now using Windows XP, but the client is asking me to make an adjustment to the program.

    Can I load Windows 2000 on my computer with XP going at the same time so that I can make adjustments to their rpogram? I don't want to change my whole environment for this one project.


    Lost recent email, Outlook folders, addresses

    I got tired of having two users set up on my windows (XP), so I found out how to delete one (no more log on... yeah). But, ever since then, my Outlook has been empty. :yikes: I was talented enough to find a .pst file (a personal folder file) on my F drive, but it was only full of old folders and emails from 2004. :?

    Any ideas?


    Re: Store? Archive? or Dump? emails

    Thanks guys... :o( ... I have to admit... I have a vague memory of checking this process before and realizing that it didn't work... which is why I was keeping all my emails... ha, ha...

    The point being is that somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it couldn't bee that easy... I'm not too upset, but thanks for the condolensces. I really needed to dump those emails... smile, smile... now I will see that I can live without them. (I have my complete SENT folder with references to much of what I had in other folders.)


    Re: Store? Archive? or Dump? emails

    O.K. Here I am two months later... and I've moved a Whole Bunch of emails... but, I put them on my extra hard disk instead of a cd.

    I was happy while I was doing this... I moved one of my email folders packed full of emails onto my F drive... and I checked to see if I could retrieve them - I was sooooo happy to see that a new window would open the folder full of emails. It looked very much like OUTLOOK with the whole list of emails from the folder right there to click on and open.

    Well, that was two days ago. Yesturday, I tried to look something up in one of my old emails... and I get a warning message. :? Achththhgh.

    "Unable to open the Outlook window. Unable to display the folder."

    Turns out the only emails I can open are the emails I transfered separately (the few ones that were not tranfered by tranfering the whole folder). The vast majority of them I transfered by moving a whole folder onto my F drive. Are there any ways to access these emails in the folders I transfered?



    Thanks guys. I'm so glad to know how that ole auto archive works and equally happy to have another option. The next time I have the chance I will clean up my emails. :)


    P.S. Why do you think Brandtrock's suggetion is better Andy?


    Once, a long time ago, I archived my emails, and then never figured out how to access them again. Ever since then, I've been leary about archiving. I keep almost everything and it's starting to take up quite a bit of space. My emails have become my work log as well as my personal and proffesional reference recorder.

    Can someone either tell me how and what archive is all about or suggest another alternative for storing them. (Or, maybe I need assistance or suggestions on what to dump.)


    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the direction. Once I saw your response, I was reminded of the very first thing I had learned in VBA - more than four years ago. It all came back to me at once but I needed the reminder. Thanks.


    I'm going to start a new thread asking about storing old emails on Outlook.

    Something else that is not clear - how did you get the program to create the button we push (initially labeled "Eskkimo"). I'm sure it's something simple and I think there was a reference to it in a book... but there is nothing in the code that creates it. it's a mystery to me.


    All is well over here with this high powered program. I was asked to add a line to the top of the newly formated download file and it looks like my code is working pretty well. It looks like this

    wbkOutput.Close True
            lngRow = lngRow + 1
        FormatDownload wbkDownload.Worksheets(1)
        ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = GetDateFromFile(Name)
        wbkDownload.Close True ' False
    End Sub

    This is the very end of the MyLoad Subroutine. If there is a simpler way to insert a line let me know.

    I'm also wondering if this newly formated workbook can be saved automatically instead of requiring us to choose it's file type and saving (two clicks that were not required before).

    It's perfect!! Thanks Andy. I thought I saw something in Excel 2000 Bible that counted from the right... but it's probablly not the same cool function you're suggesting which allows us to save the dwnloaded file as an .xls

    Your solutions are phenomenal and your time and knowledge are forever appraciated.

    With much thanks,