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    Hi everybody!

    The Definition of HLOOKUP is:
    If HLOOKUP can't find lookup_value, and range_lookup is TRUE, it uses the largest value that is less than lookup_value.

    What I need is HLOOKUP to return the next value, that is larger than the lookup_value.

    For example if I have row like: 10 - 20 - 30 and the lookup value is 17, HLOOKUP will return 10, I need it to return 20.

    How do I do this?

    Thx in Advance!


    Hi everybody!

    This question is not 100% linked to MS Excel, but as I like so much, I thaugt someone will know an answer to my "tricky" problem.

    Currently I am writing a macro for MS Outlook. It analyses incoming mails and if the subject is Appointment: 01.01.2005 18:00; 02.01.2005 14:00; "Test Appointment"; "At Home" for example, the macro automatically creates a new appoinment with the values, specified in the subject and adds it to the calendar.

    The macro works fine if the new mails come to the standard inbox folder.
    The only problem is, my new mails come via IMAP and are saved in an imap folder...something like: "" and there is a folder called "".

    How can I go through all mails in this folder?
    Sure I could create a rule, moving all mails to the standard input folder, but it seems to be quite a workaround, and there has to be another way to do this...

    Any ideas?

    Thx in Advance!

    My SourecCode so far:

    and within the "ThisOutlookSession":

    Private Sub Application_NewMail()
    End Sub

    hi everybody!

    I finally managed, creating buttons at runtime! ;)
    now i want to add a picture to these buttons, but the following fragement does not work... it says "Type-mismatch" for the picture line... everything else is correct...


    Set buttonDrawing(i).button = frmMain.Controls.Add("Forms.CommandButton.1", drawings(i), True)
                        buttonDrawing(i).button.Left = 340
                        buttonDrawing(i) = top
                        buttonDrawing(i).button.width = 20
                        buttonDrawing(i).button.Height = 20
                        buttonDrawing(i).button.Caption = "B"
                        buttonDrawing(i).button.Picture = "C:\plan.ICO"

    is there a way to create an invisble button and inherit its icons, events, ... to the other buttons? because otherwise the icon will not be saved...

    thx in advance!

    Hi everybody!

    I have a UserForm in which I add control elements (labels, textboxes) at runtime.
    Now I need to add buttons too. I can already add the buttons to the userform, but the problem is... I need an click-Event for all the buttons.
    It would be fine to "fire" the same event for all buttons (so i click button A same event is called as clicking on button C)....

    Can you please tell me how?

    Thx in Advance!

    Hi everybody!

    I am displaying images in an imageBox. I use mode zoom, to fit their size to the imagebox.

    Now i want to be able to zoom the picture manually and to move it around in the imagebox?

    how do i start? anyone knowing a page explaining this?

    Thx in Advance!

    This should solve your problem:

    Hope it helps!

    Hi everybody!

    At Runtime I create an array holding lost of dynamically created textboxes, where the user hast to enter specific values.
    Now I want to call a special procedure every time, the user enters a new value in one of the textboxes. (change event, I thought)
    It is the same procedure for every textbox...

    How do I do this?
    Is it possible?

    Thanks in Advance!