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    More fun with Mail Merge

    Thanks for the response. Wow! That was fast. Now here are some interesting things to ponder...

    Quote from lorenzod

    In Word XP, you cannot open your datasource (Excel File) while your word file is open.

    That's what I thougt but my wife called me to her computer last night and showed me several Mail Merge Word documents that, when they are opened, open the Excel file used as the data source, too! I have no idea how she did it or why she wants to do it that way but I never argue with my wife. It's pointless.

    Quote from lorenzod

    If you want to add data to your datasource, you have to close your word file.

    That's what I told my wife but for some reason (since they have been able to do it in the past, like last week) they want it to work this way for new documents. Something about needing to verify that the data source is correct before they print.

    There is one thing that I did notice that was different between the documents. When you open a Mail Merge Word document it will pop up an alert that says:

    "Opening this document will run the following SQL command:
    Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue?"

    When opening one of the Word documents that DOES open the Excel data source file the "SELECT * FROM" always specifies the FILEPATH of the Excel data source.

    If I change the data source through the Mail Merge wizard to a different Excel file, the "SELECT * FROM" now specifies the name of the "Sheet" on the Excel workbook rather than the FILEPATH of the document. So the Select statement changes to:

    SELECT * FROM $Sheet1

    After that, the Excel data source will no longer open when the Mail Merge Word document is opened. Strange, huh?

    My wife says that she just created a Mail Merge document that opens the Excel file at the same time just last week. Has anyone ever had any experience with this?