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    I converted a text file to an excel file and found several numbers stored as text with . (period) as thousand separators and , (comma) as decimal separator. And worse, some negative signs is appearing on the right side of the number. (It actually looks like this, 1.566,56-. Correct format should be 1,566.56 as numbers and with enclosed in parenthesis if negative)

    Is there a formula how to convert these "text-numbers" into "numbers" with the correct format ( comma as thousand separator and period as decimal separator)? I tried formatting it from Format Cells but nothing happens.

    Please help


    In Word XP, you cannot open your datasource (Excel File) while your word file is open. If you want to select the recepients, you have to click the icon "Mail Merge Recepients" from the Mailmerge toolbar (To show the Mailmerge toolbar, click View from the menu bar, select Toolbars and click Mail Merge. Mail Merge Recepients is normally the 3rd icon [with a pen].

    If you want to add data to your datasource, you have to close your word file.

    Hope this will help you.