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    Re: Nested Loops Quit after one successful round

    The problem with activating workbooks/sheets isn't to do with memory drain, activating just isn't needed and slows things down.

    It also makes it hard to debug things as it can get kind of confusing as to what's actually active when.

    Anyway, here's your code without any activating.

    Re: Date formating when saving to excel sheet

    Don't use Format if you want real dates, use CDate or DateValue but check there's a date in the textbox before you do anything.

    If Me.TextBox8.Value <> "" And IsDate(Me.TextBox8.Value Then
        ws.Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Format(Me.TextBox8.Value, "DD/MM/YY") 
    End If

    PS You should consider using a listbox.

    Re: Export workbook

    I don't mean to be ignorant, but what's an '.ebm' file?

    Can Excel save with that file type?

    Does it require an add-in?

    Re: Code Correction Needed

    Is that all the code?

    By the way, you can't really use this to check for the existence of a worksheet.

    Worksheets("GL Exposures Sheet") Is Nothing

    PS What happens if you remove On Error Resume Next?

    Re: Hyperlinks from userform entering in the wrong cell

    I think the problem is here, which I assume is being used to find the next empty row.

    RowCount = Worksheets("Resources").Range("A2").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

    Try using another approach to finding the next empty row.

    Re: Select previous sheet Macro

    Try this.

    Re: Number DIMs automatically

    2 Worksheets(Sheet1) will not work unless their is a variable named Sheet1, if you are trying to refer to a worksheet with the codename Sheet1 then you would just use Sheet1, you don't need the Worksheets part.

    4 That still doesn't quite explain why individual cells. You could have a column named CLOSED and you could refer to and treat each of the cells in that column individually.

    So you would still have your range names but you would have a lot less of them to deal with.