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    Using Shift + End + Arrow to select range

    Dave: I hope I changed the title in the correct way.

    Parsnip: Here is all of my code:

    I am setting up the criteria section to execute the advance filter procedure.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hello All,

    I am attempting to dynamically select a range,

    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select

    but I am getting a 1004 error.

    I got this code from the recorder. Can someone tell me why it does not work, and whether there is a much simplier way to do the same thing?


    Re: Match Function In Vba Returning Error


    Thank you for your patience. Maybe it is because I am not good at math why I did not get your code;

    If range("C4").offset(i,0).value="A" Then

    it does not make enough sense to me.

    I am not saying that bbromley code is right, but his logic may be. Your suggestion;

    Range("C4", Range("C" & i))

    may not be appropriate when i=1,2,3 or even 4, based on your argument.

    It would be more appropriate if bbromley make his own case, but don't be afraid to school me if I just plain crazee.

    No problem!

    Re: Comment In Spreadsheet Without Wordwrap

    Joseph, JL:

    The comment is in column E.

    I see ur point about the column width, but I am looking for a tidier, more dynamic option.
    I see where I would use that solution in some circumstances if I cannot find something more robust.


    Re: Coding Sum If For Multiple Criteria

    Thank you.

    Perhaps you could help me to fix this Select Case coding.

    Hey everyone,

    I need to find a value in a pivot table with a range of values over 12 months (Book5) when 3 criteria are met, Branch#, LOB# and Month#. Sum(if() works for the 1st month, but I do not know how to do the coding when the month changes.

    Attached are copies of the two files I am working with and my coding so far.

    Has anyone ever dealt with a similar challenge?

    Thank you.

    Re: Selecting A Range Of Cells Relative To The Current Cell


    ur right, I want it to paste in the range A31.R50. That is why I am trying to use the offset to pick up 29 rows and 18 columns irrespective of where the activecell is located.

    thank you for hanging in there with me.


    HeY everyone,

    I want to select a range of cell relative to A2 then copy and paste that range 12 times.
    See my coding below. I have been getting a Warning box titled "Microsoft Visual Basic"
    (X) 400.

    Can anyone see what I am not doing correctly.

    Thank you.